free to explore and be adored
Couple of Cuties
this just in
tell it to the FUTURE, baby
K in Cannes
Brown M&M's? No Problem!
Lake House one-sheet
Scanner site launched
what are words for
Lake House coming soon
Radiohead to Score Linklater Film
hey there handsome
YouTube, MeTube, and EveryoneWeKnowTube
it's march already?
When Annie met Jack, and then went through a time warp
Sneek Peek at Scanner from IGN FilmForce...
well, look at that
Yeah, I've got some catching up to do
And now for a special message
I *heart* Keanu
how a film with such an awesome one-sheet has such a hideous DVD cover I do not know
"Bless Keanu and his little cotton socks"
scanner pushed back
extra oomph
scruffy penguin
palm reading
I got yer barefoot ragamuffin right here....
zoiks, a second post today, it's madness I tell you
Oh, six
Fa La La La...oh wait, wrong song.
his for the taking....
ho ho ho.
A Screening Darkly
Empire interview
not peevish, just reevish
am I blue
this doesn't suck
a thumbsucker review
after twiddling our thumbs for so long...
he's my power animal too
i didn't even know it was there
Sneak Peek !! - A Scanner Darkly
they really like you
oh for buddy christ's sake...
the sum of his parts
Thumbsucker dates and clip
Speaking of zen....
Zen Lord of the Universe
brush with greatness
speaking of premieres...
Four Thee One
chain reacting
so virgo
Wee Neo in Bratislava - Part 4
the mootrix has you
feelin' superstitious
freaked out
Helmets and hotdogs. Wow, that sounds like the setup to a dirty joke.
I hope you know that this will go down on your Permanent Record
Wee Neo in Bratislava - Part 3
love the animal
Comic Conned
casting couch
I can't say I'd want to fight him off in the dark...
Wee Neo visits Vika in Bratislava - Part 2
"There is No Spoon" must have been #101...
da dum da dum da dum (it's hard to type the theme from 'Jaws')
Still waiting for the Darkly
thumbsucker, eh?
Neo visits Vika! (part one)
Keanu on kitestramurt
The Divine Whoa has other ideas
becky treat
May daze
get stoned
constantine dvd
I'm so out of practice I can't even think of a title for this post
things you can be certain of: death, taxes...
no foolin' around
not just for virgos
Sandy baby, you're a star
home, sweet.
having a time, glad you're not here
the sighs of March
I got yer Constantine right here...
conjob makes a splash
louie louie
cough cough cough!
Looking at Constantine
Today's the day!
Las Vegas [hearts] Constantine
penelopez doez Berlinale
yesterday's chat
premiere pix
back in black
morning after constantine
tuxedo boy
creezy sees ke in Berlin
I forgot my MTV
in berlin
be my virgotine
such a super star
when in Rome
all talky with Dark Horizons
yet it does not rhyme with valentine
Oh, and......
Sony hearts Thumbsucker
over constantined
Hunter of Demons
this picture makes me very happy for some reason
a star is shorn
the offer to sit in with The Vibemerchants always stands, Reeves
at last, a place for keanu pilgrims to leave their panties
sweet mary magdeline of the rechargable double-A's
Hmm, I'd better start rolling pennies
thoroughly thumbsucker
so much constant, so little tine
thumbsucker buzz
You mean I could get paid to draw his face over and over and over?
Il Mare via Ale
meow meow meow
I'm guess I'm out 6 bucks for the "world's swooniest dude" plastic statuette then
Reeves and Bullock, together again
more constantinery
is there a lottery for hottness? 'cause he hit it for sure
Oh, Constantine, don't be so paggro
some things constantinian
I'll take his reevesian hotness for a thousand, Alex.
I can't decide if I want this as a mural or a tattoo....
Keanu on Ellen
the choice is obvious. signature ping-pong balls....
appropriately, this is my 2005th entry
what a way to start the year
too whoa whoa for
Keanu interview from WIZARD #160
Now you know what to paint your bedroom walls this spring.
Thumbsucker Sundance Schedule
upcoming becky shows
yet another Constantine poster
merry krixmas!
I like this one even better
remain impeccable
As per your request...The Keanu Days of Christmas
is that a holy shotgun in your hand or are you just.....ah, forget it....
happy holly daze
Le Sigh. Le Thud.
Keanu festive!
MOPI on Criterion DVD
Constantine around the world
Sadly, there were no tacos.
best wishes to the blonde guy
becky rox the roxy
Budu Saranai!
oh, and speaking of screen grabs
peeking at Constantine
Pardon me, do you have the timeline?
Ultimate Matrix Hooha
quite the package...
just fyi
final cut review
new becky show announced
Constantine interview from MTV
tease the inevitable
new constantine photos
Sweet December
Sunsucker at Thumbdance
Matrix Ultimate Set Review
you know....
Discovering dreamy brown eyes and juicy lower lipped....Um, I mean Buddhism
Giving Thanks
Goal Oriented
mmmmm, mousebutter
becky clippy goodness
From SHH - Constantine Footage reviews
signed with a kiss
phonepix from wanda
Hellblazer Giveaway
in his stars and houses
Keanu to toke a Spike Lee Joint
still keen for Constantine
bassplayer for hire?
he's a ramblin guy
flashy fun from Nudel
Getting down with Sta-cie!
Beautiful. From Vika.
Whoa Irene, YOU Rock!
Thank you Wanda!
Thank you Nettie!
Thank you Zen
late for my own party!
Like a wicked lover, WB draws out release a little longer
anarchy in you, K
rock rock rock
he is calling you DUDE
letting go
becky gig?
November, sweet
when the sun goes down and the moon comes up...
heart shaped world
I couldn't decide on a picture to go with this, so I went with SHIRTLESS
grocery list: weenies, cauliflower, Keanu Reeves
trusting his basser judgement
David Allen Griffin D.D.S.
for reasons unexplained she loved the monkeyman
Scousers and Angels
Constantine: The Official Movie Adaptation graphic novels announced
from last night's Hollywood Awards
the silicon chip inside her head has switched to overload
Tim Seelig's Constantine
don't say I never gave you Flowers
Hey dude, what's your story?
Wee Neo in Prince Edward Island (and Nova Scotia, too!)
so-called horoscope
Constantine to get R-rating?
rock and roll girls
the need for Speed
there is no squeek!
Hi from the Hard Rock
Nudel does Vegas
digitus infamis
Happy Birthday Wanda
This can't wait until Monday
rock rock rock
double dose of Pelton
I question the credibility of philosophical studies made by banks but...whatever, Brezsny
ok, so now it's tuesday
it's monday
well armed and dangerously hott
this monkey's gone to heaven
cut yourself some slack
Constantine at MTV
Keanustintine for a good cause
circle of fifths
through it, darkly
I think about him while I Rasterbate
Les Aventures de Neo au Nouveau-Brunswick
Oh, Eddie you're so fine, you're so fine you blow my secret hydro-energy lab facility.....Hey Eddie!
while I was sleeping
and I'll be free for a few months in 2006 for some wild oat action, Reeves...
I wonder if that over-the-shoulder view comes with a 'ceiling' option?
bass-ically busy
dig becky's new digs
eat my shorts
all the young dudes
in which my broke ass is mocked by the eBay gods
Have a scruffy lovely weekend
Zen and the art of Wee Neo in Québec
So, he's occasionally romantic in the kitchen, and by 'romantic' I mean 'naked'
"It'll be one big endless party"
in no particular order
The postman? He rang twice today.
spoofers love joel
I'll be your mirror
september blue
no. 9 of all time
calling all you arteests
Constantine for PS2
I'll take "being the new kid" over glasses and a home perm any day
what is kitestramurt?
whisker burns
sweet juicy imperfection
monday randomness
Fender Friday
two weeks shy
live only miraculously
a few things Constantinian
VCR alert
silly tabloids, always getting it wrong
here's to good friends
Constantine Composer
happening stance
2 soulful
I don't care what they yell at me
how do you say "where the hell have you been?" in Québécois?
in your dreams
clever title vs. spacefiller
all that glitters is not Rob's drumset, but sure is sparkly
fine art
there's room in my closet, but not in my heart
when he smiles
A little Constantine with your Sunday coffee
ah. gush.
I'll have mine with a dollop of crema fresca
in keeping with the theme, this title makes a play on the word 'Ridgefestival'
more Ridgefestivities
oh, hell yeah
Constantine Covered
hockey tix - UPDATED - goalie nix
In other news, the sky is blue and Keanu Reeves ain't that bad lookin'
X-tra QT
throw a goat for me!
more constantinian comic con goodness
more CF- technology is grand, innit?
CONSTANTINE Friday, cont'd
constantine friday
gee, I wonder if I can get that 'dust on the lens' effect to catch on?
I'm too tired to think of a title
post show, dim
pre-show, lit
road trip
Now all we need is a volunteer to jump out of a cake
a little buddha'll do ya
washing the red pill down with green kool-aid
sucker for sundance
hotshot on goal
glorious goofball
for all you with the cable tv
it's what you do that's compelling me
for the record...
pigs in zen
where's Jack Traven when you need him?
caption this please
monday memes
becky at sixteen fifty on seven twenty one for ten
Reeves takes one for the 'Tine
syrup hangover
Wet Jam
bon anniversaire
it vibrates
Lap it up
long time, no audblog
taking care of business
Dead Can't Dance and still be PG-13
or as I like to call it, 'my cats won't come out from under the bed' day
OK, which one of you works for NPR?
You're the one
scanner buzz
get yer photoshop on
good day, eh?
indie pen dance daze
Can we say enthusiastic?
damn, that's an ugly sweater
Sneek peekers drink the WB kool-aid, piss in comic fans cornflakes
flow chart
I hear the food isn't even that good
there is no jiggy
Just Johnny
linking Linklater now
classy action
The train in 'tween leads Trin mainly to her man
impulse buh-buy
around the web
Ultra Monday
a scruffy smile, a glass of wine and thou
change of address
burning ears by proxy
I'm not responsible if you get caught making out with your monitor....
I have the same style alarm clock
Whoa! Not bad!
'cool breeze' you say?
poise and reflect
speaking of mean....
I think this means that The Bar has been lowered
high octave
Dick Trust hearts Darkly Adaptation
bus pass
99 degrees in the shade
and I'm a Keen, Responsible, Irresistible Xenophobe
movie bits
Hoping for Hockey
Maybe it's some sort of hazing ritual for new bands
audio post powered by audblog
audio post powered by audblog
audio post powered by audblog
audio post powered by audblog
That's not a pimple on my chin, that's excitement trying to get out.
I know I'm a little early but it's the 9th in London!
gone rawkin'
tune in
sending out a vibe
fill in the blank
day of sun
for the record, I still hate Harry
Yet of all the words to describe him, narcissistic is not one
Last Night in Austin
pool boy
back to bassics
Because one ugly giant surfboard trophy isn't enough
I bet if there were goth camgirls involved he would have LOVED it
He's a rocker, not a linkster
getting cooler
what angels wear
scoring points
hey there
almost June
Awww, you guys
biochemically no different than eating large quantities of chocolate
Hey Dude
What? No puppet show?
scratching Ade's back
Cup Crazy like a Fox
get your hunk on
projects shmojects, where's the schwag?
becky in July
The monster between Keanu's legs
NHL targets a new demographic's G(oalie)-spot
good news for Dickheads
could someone please turn the internet down?
it's a fact
Little Bunny Kung-Foo
introducing simbecky!
the wayback machine
like two limpid pools of.....erm....chocolate
art he inspires
perfect moment
thenk you veddy much
motor sigh call
caption this, please
Keanu. In motion. On my chest.
Just 1 Page
they like you, they really like you
peace out
random thoughts on trailer frames
"The Talented Mr. Hoffman"
a spectacular exhibition
Golden Gate memories
trailer talk and cover boys
rise in power
Wee Neo's great escape
mum's the word
Keanu Interchange of the Beta Fuse
the monkeyverse's robot
empty v gnus
of course, if anyone could find the hidden meaning of a giant dandelion...
Apparently, at any given time...
Scanner casting
strike a pose
my favorite gynotikolobomassophile
what's up?
Hanging On
drink the wine that moves you
but I look at your pants and I need a kiss
mother, May I?
dreamy truth
I'll take "things that suck" for $400, Alex...
this just in....
in need of inspiration
Constantine Logo
keeping tabs
caption this please
becky rox
F is for "foxy"
keanu's gear
boy in black and white
I need someone to sign my mom's name on this
kiss me kick me
Wizard's 5 Questions
both hands of virgo
glitch this you freaking blog
ShoWest photos
nettie on the net
I would love to see Tim Bradstreet do the Constantine posters
I wonder what the URL for the cologne samples is?
Nettie live
liquid lunch with Nettie and co.
becky rawks las vegas
hopefully these will be worth a thousand or so words.....
my favorite picture of the night
technology failure robbed you of the best post-show audblog ever
bad audio experiment
pre-show babble
screwed by mapquest
tease blazer
becky does vegas
the environment is important so I'm going to resist making a cheap "warming my globes" innuendo
Wanted Man
up-to-the-minute becky news
I'm still waiting for Ugg boots to go out of style so I can pick up a pair
checking in
Blown Away
why I'm the luckiest girl on the web
trilogy babble and the passion of neo
something techy
it's what you do that's compelling me....
Have I told you lately.....?
a force born of truth and love
reality bites, and I bet it gives a nasty hickey as well
why isn't there a drummer store where we can just go pick one out?
High Definition Keanu? I'm there.
great news for Bret fans
revved up?
thanks kaz!
A-Z Revolution
love and bass
Revolutions in 5....4....3
keanu sorbet
chromatic kutcher
DVD news
Ashton is teh H0tness!!1!!!1!!!
So this means Kelso loves me, right? Or is that just in syndication?
I [heart] Ashton!
Of course, it goes without saying that I'm a huge Dick fan
this pleases us....
I feel faint.
Ah, it's not just me...
What do you think?
more showest
just goes to show me
kick out the jams
This just in: Panama hats flying off the shelves in Pugwash*
penetrating gaze
The Vegas definition of "ranch" may differ from the norm
Lost in Spaceland - part 4
Lost in Spaceland - part 3
Lost in Spaceland - part 2
Lost in Spaceland - part 1
for once
Lost and Found
and here I go home again
I have no idea what the deal with the hat is
curbside at Spaceland (contains adult language!)
are we there yet?
please dispense slurpees, not advice
Catch ya later!
vibemerchant news
minor tweak
it it tomorrow night yet?
deja vu
Revolutions DVD review
I don't care that he's not Irish, I want to kiss him anyway
Horo (pyrotechnic effervescent chi) Scope
No Pick!
flying solo to spaceland
yay chica
more gesticulation
I've got sexy phlegm
The word of the day is....
survey says!
What the Hell, Blazer?
and when I said 'dressed up'....
second chance at spaceland
luckily, I woke up
nappy time
Spaced Out
I can't wait to hear Zen's comment on the top photo...
Easy Chair
I'm feeling rather pointy
fine art and good reading
scene from a car
More on the Moore thing
all dressed up
becky tv
Moore disowns Constantine
demolition man
Thumbsucker news
He still gives the Devil the finger
becky LIVE March 9th!
the cruel fates mock the sick girl with the Canadian fetish
I'm spending the weekend in bed
Catz Rawks
I didn't know that brownies grew in rainforests
girls *wheeze* night *cough* out
and the sexy goes marching on
Where in the world is Neo?
Wizard Q&A
there's nothing more beautiful than his smile
twelfth fret
Paging Bay Area FX Geeks
becky show this friday
kiwi rawk
eatm and smile
band practice
Come on, come on
my love's bass
more constantine (updated)
Catz Rawks
help with broken images
Keanu talks Constantine.....again
brown-eyed Virgo boy
wednesday night rock
Who's your friend when things get rough?
he even makes a bad hair day look good
enough of this lovey dovey bullshit. let's rock.
happy love day
but baby, you are
Any Which Way
gig alert
love thyself
bet six Barbary horses and drink for free!
Romance is...
smells like kean spirit
And the night just got crazier from here
And what sort of trouble are you getting into this weekend?
Zen and the art of....
love and rockets
sushi, anyone?
bass wednesday
if what Milne says is true, I should be hoarse from shouting "Eureka!"
oh, hell yeah
speaking the international language of hotness...
Ten Questions
artistic merit
sadistic as it may be, there really is only one...
Falco Fest
things that occupy my mind when I really should be practicing the bass
speaking of getting hit in the face...
Please Hugo! Not the Face!
freckle therapy redux
today's all about the bass, babies
Golden Globe clip no longer available
freckle therapy
god gave rock and roll to you
playing doctor
about last night
Keanu has a posse
totally globular
heart on
maybe I'll actually get cable this summer
dude with a view
playing bass is hard! errr, fun!
it's really easy to mistype 'martial arts' as 'marital arts'
and lo a thunder god was born
I dare plenty
just peachy
sitting up and begging
Same smit, different day
to offset monday morning blahs
life after neo
(road)show me
I assure you that I needed it
movie meme
I [heart] Rama Kandra
Upcoming comedy project
matrix music news
Dear Jack Black: Yeah? Well, you're short.
I thought Chuck Spadina was his pornstar name.....
my roadie is 12" tall
Warner Home Video, you minx!
I have a new keychain that says "Rock On", it rocks
Matrix Revolutions DVD
and with a triple word score that's...
And lo, it was good
SCORE newsletter
Yodel Lay He Who?
Yay Morpheus
I wanna be "that girl"
I hereby coin the term "tierection"
Saint Keanu
nothing rhymes with orgasm, either
Sometimes I want to poke Frodo with a spork
you can't buy happiness, but you can pull up right next to it in your Porsche
bloggy goodness
Beaverton! loves Keanu
viva las thud
how to be a rockstar. Step 1.
SGG Down Under
freaking out
smattering of linkage
low resolution
2003? Rawked.
to tide you over
Snow Way!
becky in hit parader mag
I love I love I love my calendar guy
whatever, dude
cold turkey
is touslable a word?
what I learned at work today
Bah. I have to go to work today!
marry krixmas
trust your passion
"Tell them I'm having the most wonderful hallucinations"
I hope you know that this will go down on your...
And then I woke up......unnhhhh
I'd like to thank the Academy....
SFX sweet on Constantine, snarks Keanu
Jingle Bell rawk!
Something Extra
Truth, Justice & the Hollywood Way
tis the season
isn't it romantic?
Keanu dot orgasm
that smoke coming from my pocket is not my credit card
get ready for rush hour
Hellblazer Cover Art
disappearing Constantine
Trust me, it's better after a few eggnogs
SGG kicks samurai ass
'I'll have what she's having'
Now, if I can just get her thinking in terms of 'son-in-law'
I'm going to buy a butterscotch blonde telecaster and name it after you
You say Tomato....
Constantine Effects, isn't that Special?
Ok, I like this film....
Glittering Give
must see TV
What to do about those annoying laughs?
SGG Clips - Thanks Sony!
I'm busy, he's beautiful
Hockey in Toronto
Dashing as always...
Still swoony
Canoe Keanu interview...(say that three times fast)
Dear Keanu...
Please stop with the John Cougar Mellencamp already!
What? No Keanu?
Something's Gotta Give Review
I'm too lost in those eyes to think of a good title
feelin' a little gamey?
Artist and Author on Constantine
Something's Gotta Give Sneak Preview!
Is it hot in here?
If you were a tree.....
Wee Neo's Seattle Adventure
Hey Keanu
Many things tempted me to uproot and move to Seattle
Hi Honey! I'm Home!
Under the Space Needle
It's raining (men)
On a Wing and a Prayer
Explore the Archive
Feed your mind - Matrix Philosophy
Constantinian foreplay
frantic packing mania
extra SGG
December's Calendar
say ahhhhhhhhh
chocolate keanu
feeling lucky?
From the 'you know you're an icon when...' department
I'm not a weirdo, I'm a Keanu fan!
Something's Gotta buzz
I'm not working!
go boom
Tripoli ?
looks like I'll have to dig my tiara and kneepads out of storage
I got to tell you something
It's not for me, really
cool report from the set of Constantine
*THE* Only One
music of the matrix
becky site updates
victory dancing on the faces of hobbits
knock knock...
I get letters
Something's Gotta Give, and I'm pretty sure it's my heart
picky picky picky
Of course you're all winners, but the keanuvison birthday drawing prizes go to....
the soundtrack of my morning
Time for Revolutions
I need coffee before I can come up with clever titles.
If I had cockles they'd be warm
something of his presence
So true a fool is love
We interrupt the festivities for this breaking news...
I LOVE this one!
simply gorgeous
In my arms
from ~L
Kisses and Motorbikes
A Beautiful Sonnet
Let's get this party started - Deux
Guess what tomorrow is?
Rev your engine
Making sense of The Matrix
Wise words from a good man
Keanu Reeves is smarter than you think
'Matrix Revolutions' Nets $24.3M in a Day
eating in
surfs up
Mac Friendly Keanu
Second Helping
A few thoughts, I won't vouch for coherency
thought collecting
wow and whoa (aftermovie babble)
"cheez", the breakfast of champions
up WAY too early
hoping for swag
someone got new shoes
Jet Set
VCR alerts
to boldly go...
Sunday is for cocktails
Ooooh, but I like him when he's scruffy and crass
sweets and switchblades
Harker at the door
arena rawk!
talking Constantine
to occupy my time
I really need a TiVo
November Calendar
un si gentil garçon
Rock the Revolution
audio post powered by audblog
tonight's premiere
minimal misc
Love is a Burning Thing
slice of saturday
try not to think about it
I'll Do Anything
there is no "moo"
spoiler safe
Return of the Club
Thanks Zen!
I may be benevolent, but I am still a dictator
between worlds
with tonight's pad thai
Wired for the Revolution
I can't believe I actually made it to the 15th of the month before hearing the word "Rocktober"
at least I got a latte
I need a string on my cyber finger
be mine, Constantine
on the wall
I fell off the chair that sat me next to you
"Just be Keanu"
no coke, pepsi
attention to detail
Je ne porte rien sous mes vêtements
Need for Speed
things I think about when I really should be concentrating on my driving
piece of glass
radio free becky
Oh, he's definitely a FOX
I do
Counting down to the Jack Bauer Power Hour
Actors join the fight against "screeners" ban
the world need more lerts
I see london I see france
I hope you don't have anything to do
geek girl
for Jena
Heh, if WB didn't hate me before....
misc becky stuff
Meet Keanu's Constantine
Apparently, he couldn't find a lampshade
could someone please stuff my tongue back in my mouth?
belly on up to the bar, boy
SciFi mag Dec 2003
new becky shows announced
how do you say "THUD" in Russian?
dear californians
Simultaneous Climax at IMAX
She was picking flowers in the soulgarden when he came for her...
you guys are swell
A-Z 2.0
another rabbit hole
this weekend's becky show info
the fanimatrix has you
october calendar
in my opinion
pics on the 'bay
Revolutions news
I need to score some Keanudone
friends don't let friends audblog drunk
audio post powered by audblog
audio post powered by audblog
audio post powered by audblog
audio post powered by audblog
audio post powered by audblog
audio post powered by audblog
audio post powered by audblog
audio post powered by audblog
audio post powered by audblog
audio post powered by audblog
audio post powered by audblog
audio post powered by audblog
insert air guitar here
warning: girl blathering ahead
I can handle this
sucky. definitely sucky
I'm waiting for them to install the Johnny Mnemonic 80 gig dashboard computer
the official keanuvision position on Matrix spoilers
Constantine begins shooting
awww, this gives me warm fuzzies
teevee stuff
circa 1989
If you think I was pouty before.....
looking into the spoilery abyss
poster boy
swoon! his hair!
bookLA interview
today is tuesday
becky's Galaxy Quest
The start of the Revolution
for your bookmarks
return to civilization
audio post powered by ennui
I'm being unplugged
those glorious brown eyes
So long and thanks for all the....ass
did you see it?
the reality of hacking
becky CD debut
Um...Lance B. sleeps with a little DOG in his hotel room?
So you wanna read Hellblazer?
Dammit! Don't click the link.
yo becky fans
not so insane after all
Ooo, this is much better than powerade...
damn....and yay!
not gonna
Casting Call
international superstar
yeah, I had quite the good time tonight....
talking to Aaron
talking to Vince, Brian and Dallas
Talking to Tim of Suburban Legends
lazy kitty me
Reason to Smile
if you can't dance....
REM show Las Vegas - Michael Stipe OWNS ME
Me in Honey
Neodämmeringing wet
If it's possible, now I want to go even more...
I believe in Mr. Grieves
He's so dreamy
becky on Sharon O. air date
quick note
stuff of Legends
hacking the matrix, but not really
Still More Constantine Casting
I wish I'd known you when I was breaking rocks open...
I haven't really sucked up to Don Davis yet, have I?
I'm Sari
I expect I'll have an ulcer by the time this movie's made...
Radio Bret Domrose
Labor of Love
I'd rather be Melvined
It's Friday, I'm in love
sometimes we have to make our own fun
Faux Ass Friday?
dogstar CDs for sale
Full of Whoa
JozWatch '03 - Mission: Keanu
little ditty 'bout Jack and Diane
joz to the third power rocks muchly
categorize this
whimper and swoon
Days until The Matrix Revolutions
One more Constantine bit, then I'm off to bed
Warren Ellis speaks Constantine
I think I'll just do another tiny entry with a link to one thing
Keanu DVD?
Give, Something's Gotta
He believes in beauty
this is not a booty call
Thumbsucker Wraps Up
swear t' god
Yo, gamerz
Last Minute BRET NEWS
Our Little Revolutionary
Regis repeat
Rachel Weisz Cast in Constantine
thanks P.K.
Hey now, you're an all-star, get your game on...
traffic jelly
Private Message
pre game show
I'm late for work!
the waiting is the hardest part
giddy babble (post game)
can you hear me now?....damn it!
apparently, everyone except Keanu SUCKS
San Dimas!
See you later, alligator
tune in
He works his ass off
This is why I don't watch Entertainment Television
I'm thinking of having a hot dog for lunch
fan pics and tales
hair snoot (snit? whatever.)
ruby tuesday
official whatsis for 'Something's Gotta Give'
Bill and Ted Trading Cards 1-10
monday morning...(it is so still morning)
baby's got a brand new doll
release dates and milkshakes
August Calendar
TV tonight
free will, free hugs, free love
back home
driving alone in LA
hangover breakfast
bloggers at lunch
mishap in Barstow
road update
Ass Thursday
with deep apologies to Concrete Blonde
Billy Jack still jerking around
I think this is good advice for anyone
Can I help you with your package Mr. Reeves?
smiles everyone, smiles
new becky songs
two years two long
today is a good day to lay in bed and read
101 days
why yes, I am one of those annoying people that talk on the phone while they drive
it's today
thanks paulie
Ted's Rockin' Ass
for Julie
Going once...
begging forgiveness from his stare
Scans! Station!
Hark! Anon!
Hawk! Poop!
spiffy thing
Embracing the Bastard
Hello, handsome
oooh, there's this
tap tap tap
I'm sure there's a "legal briefs" joke here somewhere
Featured Item (cat not included)
Feeling Beaverton
Eeeeeeebay and stuff
You got your Brezsny on my wallpaper...
she's crafty
Don't Forget...
Reloaded deeveedee
testing 123
Starbursting at the seams
can we all just hate envy Charlize for a moment here?
go there
new bit of Keanu lore
I fell in love with a boy
Bachelor Number One
Ass Friday City Limits
blog, exciting and new
Tongue lashing
hunting for that which feeds you most
more on Paris, this time with a picture
conversation with an eddieshirt
Gee,'s the glass thing going?
Untitled Meyers Project Surrenders
well, hell
I haven't had a cigarette in seventeen days
random sunday morning things
becky show update
Sucker for Thumbsucker
Blue shorts, Red and White jersey, yeah baby
Yes, it's true.
But all I want is for you to SHINE
inspired art
Happy Canada Day!
this is being posted mainly so I can include the picture
why the hell am I up so early?
Try not to become a man of success,
becky gig?
executive producer from hell
Let's all move to Beaverton!!!
Vroooom vrooom Viper Room
If you live in LA and don't go see Suburban Legends tomorrow....
Behind Him
Casting Constantine
Note to self
Somebody make Rob Brezsny quit stalking me
I just really like saying "Beaverton"
you rawk d00d!
more hairy facedness
Keanu, not that kind, ya perv
the way of the scruff
Heh, Beaverton...I'm twelve
Holy Ripped Jeans, Batman! It's Ass Friday!
What's up?
Unraveling the Matrix Mythos
buy one for your boyfriend!
You say you want a Revolution, welllllll you know...
More Matrix spoofery
Pics, news, general swoonery
steriogram- tonight at the Troub
The Matrices Re-Wroted
Is this thing on?
Meeting Keanu Reeves changed my life!
Hi Honey
Catch you on the flip side!
BASS Friday
N to the E-O, Bling!
Best Buy still sucks
I bought a pack of Marlboros at the car wash yesterday
Holding back the facial hair snark is HARD!
Rob Brezsny continues to creep me out
bigass becky weekend
kah! I almost forgot
Oh, Canada...
baby blue
But I'd sleep in a ditch with him if he wasn't
Was it the same cat?
I'm still pissy that I'm old enough to remember when MTV actually played music videos
There is no three handled family credenza
Ass Thursday
now all we need is the CD to go in it
tech support
find a way
Thankfully, that didn't last too long
Of course, I'm available to "play house" anytime
What part of "No" didn't you understand?
Part 2
New Photos from German Cinema mag - pt. 1
Buyer Beware
Big in Japan
It's friday already?
Reloaded continues to kick butt
If my car were like Keanu, it would be more beautiful because of its flaws....feh, I'm still calling the insurance company.
comment wonkieness
Oooooh, I love him when he's wet and scruffy
Still under repair- I hope posting this doesn't break anything.
why can't my anomaly be as sexy as Neo?
Speaking of eBay....
will shag for swag
attention to detail
the coolness
hiding in a rabbit hole
Breaking records, but no break for me
martial ass
last night's voicemonkeying
in the Cannes
random thoughts
Dear Andrew and Larry Wachowski
plans for tonight
I've been killing time creatively
the oracle of Brezsny
Carrie-Anne Moss
S Q U E A L !
bookmark change
more coveting
safe article
tv worth watching
take the green beer
Oh Jeez
Babble, Babble, Bitch, Bitch
To all Moms and Moms to be
Living with The simulated One
Canoe article
You know how when you're waiting for something to come on TV and you fall asleep right before?
The Myth of Room Service
Hot! Bass! Action!
Haha, Gisele was schnockered
I thoroughly enjoyed the beckground removal of today's ass friday pic
CAM cam
Tonight is tonight and Today is tomorrow
krix DREAMS she watches the Matrix Reloaded
from NY Daily News
Keanu tonight
Yes, I am kicking myself for not going
Like a Virgo
Can you blame this on time zones?
alright, who ate my meaning?
I wonder if I will still be rooting for the machines?
Tony Pierce is the Balm
becky fans
TIME cover story (is chock full o'spoilers!)
More kisses for Garth
Surely this is a sign of the apocalypse
Dig the porn music in the background...
want you koo koo cannonball
tech TV
I'm smiling too hard to think of a proper title
feelin' like a criminal
Khaki Strategy
test my monkey
Where do I begin?
...and we're back
new becky band pics
some might say I'm a sucker for marketing
by the way
so charming!
I love Neo
virtual keanu
go there
traffic hazard
pick one
I know kung-foo
Help Kat
If I could only make it up to you....
Imagine me doing a Conor O'Neill impression
so monday
Hippity hop
Just saying Hi
GQ wallpaper? Sure!
G240 at window 13
The crack of dawn
All Hail Elsinore!
Vanity is my Favorite Sin
Charmed, I'm sure...
If I have an aneurysm tonight, it’s out of gratitude
speaking of Zap2it
Not that I ever win anything anyway
Why yes, I am a little obsessed with the picture of him in a box....
GQ scans
Everywhere I go
My freakdom for this magazine!!!!
Reloaded cast portrait
Gee Cute
More feeling of the love...
So Beautiful
It's also my birthday
entertainment? weakly.
consumer information
running a mock
So, this "trailer" vibrates, yes?
Premiere Poster Contest
matrixy babble
Big Love, Tiny Phone
But I'm totally ready to meet someone at the state line to kill two birds....
Brezsny biz
Premiere article
Am I right?
From Dark Horizons
I was going to take today off
What do they call a teaser for a teaser? a taunt?
this one goes out to my peeps in SLC
Baby got Backlot
Newscrawlers, Achtung!
Today is April 4th! It's Ass Friday!
Reloaded to Premiere at Cannes
search me
These foolish games
This just in...
Does this guy ever sleep?
Crazy, that's how it goes
before I go to bed
Conversation with an Eddieshirt
roxy report
well fuck
I like this about him
Really amazingly huge news
SIMply kinky
ix-nay on the ading-cards-tray
Frisk me, Officer Traven
Talk dirty to me, Joel
The One is my co-pilot
And me with no wall space left...
in which krix tries to expand her interests to include another cute and talented boy....
note to self
another Oscar pic
April calendar
Please let me dream of this very look tonight
Guess I will be watching after all
And the award goes to....
Just so the whole day isn't off topic...
I'm not hallucinating yet, but I won't drive anymore tonight, either
to a synthetic mind, all reality is virtual
Meet the Station Wagon
it's the first day of spring
Ted Koppel is quoting Shakespeare in the desert
this is an inadequate title
Here be Spoons
whore escape
Great, just great
this is not a particularly clever title
I'm not Irish, but kiss me anyway
Girlfriend (Aus), November 1996
Worst. Phone. EVER.
Dolly (Aus), August 1994
Seventeen (UK), December 1994
One more quote
"We can't stop here, this is Bat Country!"
in lieu of actual content...
my big fat greek crush
glitch in the blog
For the record...
nose freckles lip scar
little sticks of peace and coughing
Special Ed revisited: Power to the Sheeple!
Going Counting Down
forever in blue jeans
From the DMB
The Greatest Lounge Band EVER
I need a poster of this for my bathroom
Dreams, Genes and Smart Machines
the heart has its reasons, which reason does not know
The possible effects of daytime television on an already fragile psyche
Please come to Vegas in the springtime
If you can't say something nice...
il n'y a aucune cuillère
It's March!
Every penguin for herself....
I love hate to watch him walk away
Peace Out
mash notes
hey man, I like your shoes
picture this
the animatrix has me
vcr alert
Reload up the car, kids!
In the event of an actual emergency...
Do they make PVC pants with those stretchy panels?
Ye Olde Arse Frydae
I swear....
Everything on TV tonight SUCKS
Counting down
The Doctor Is In
No title.
Simulated V(alentine's)D(ay)
Valentine's Serendipity
Ass Happy Valentine's Friday Day
fess up
Tomorrow is an important day
A message of luuuuuuuuuv for Joel Silver
...And you can dance to it
When all else fails, make wallpaper
In your rainbow there's a color I don't remember as a child
Keanu on Charlie Rose
I can't think of an entry title
Bring it
Yay, look at me! I get to hang out with the popular kids!
We have, indeed, Entered The Matrix
With bonus bare feet even!
I'm really busy so I give you this to ponder...
VCR alert
Serenity NOW!
Last night, at the party I wasn't invited to...
Oh mercy
I'm sure my invitation was just lost in the mail.....AGAIN
Paging Japanese fans
Customer Service
Yeah, I have a thing for eyeballs
infrequently asked questions
Neo Appeal
A sequel is a sequel, but a Matrix sequel is a meal part of a trilogy
Groundhog Day
Special Ed: Wherein I refuse to become WB's marketing Department's bitch
Gettin' my Donnie on
Nothing less, nothing more
William Gibson on The Matrix/Neuromancer
Of course, it could just be that he hasn't met ME yet
my face hurts
I have a new quest
animatrix news/press release
Because Tyler asked...
late to the party
Superbowl Matrix trailer
drool on the pillow
let me call you tweetheart
quick note
Such a day I've had
weak-assed Friday
enough already
oh my
input needed
I've had six cups of coffee today, wheeee!
Happy Birthday, Rob Mailhouse!
My Neo, what a big stick you have
Wow with a capital Whoa
More smiley goodness
happy Happy happy dammit
So now they're collector's items, right?
Cue Mission Impossible theme
more than a symbol for sex
Cupid comes early
kissing the messenger
Decisions decisions decisions
If tax forms were earlobes, I'd be having a much better day
I suck
Scoping things out
ignore this
Oh, and one more thing...
another itty-bitty, yet informational post
I'm a student of life, does that count?
You say Constantin, I say Constantine
The Tao of Cats on a sunday morning
It doesn't even look comfy
the up side to being an Ass Clown
Greetings from Sunny Keanugolia! (get it? goalie-a?)
bigger is better
Dear Netflix subscriber
He blinded me with science
Busy work
And now for these commercial messages...
On Air at 999 Squares
RE: Fwd: FWD: re: AUGH!
Is it too much to ask...
No words, just pictures.
It's now painfully obvious that Joel Silver doesn't love me...At all
That Tod
Being a better blogger
Suck on this
first (edited) post of 2003...
My favorite year
All fluff, no substance
I just wanna fly
This entry brought to you by.....
Rob Mailhouse fans, listen up
Yet another auction I'm gonna have to pass on....
Last ass of 2002
Oh no you di'nt!
a greeting for the season
dammit 'ette!
How death or glory becomes just another story
Have yourself a bloggy little christmas...
Could this be the big news?
All I can say is it'd better not be hidden behind the fridge...
I love my calendar guy
It's friday, I'm in love
I saw Keanu kissing Santa Krix
Blame it on the rain
But the thrill that'll getcha
Practically Joking about Sex
Last minute shopping
LOTR and my plea to get invited to Reloaded
I know I said I wanted to see him as a blonde, but....ummm
It's monday....bleh...How about a nice picture, then?
The Keanu Days of Christmas
Because it's my blog and I can post cat pictures if I want to
Matrix OS updates and some other news
Happy Birthday, Bret Domrose!
Email from Morpheus
She can turn the world on with her blog
He can come stuff my stocking anytime
Links with extra ketchup
I have a guest
Eeny Meeny Gypsaleeny
Dangerous, sexy motorcycle boys......and George Clooney, too!
Who rocks?
The trouble with Sim Krix
Oh CRAP! What Time is it in Rio de Janeiro?
And I woke up to cat vomit all over my Doc Martens, too
Holiday Decor
Somewhere in the Antarctic, whole flocks of female penguins are trying to swim to Hollywood
Happy Ass Friday
More on MTV's Movie House
A few words on spam
My Andy Rooney impression
Stars and VCRs
Worth every penny
It's too early for a clever title
Keanu Reeves Naked. Or not.
Actual Keanu news!
Quick Miscellany
Why I haven't been posting much these past couple days
I really had thought there were two S's in Kasalivich...
I'd like seconds, please
A few things I'm thankful for
Um......whoa. I've been blogspotted.
Oh, Babe
December's Calendar
Oh my god! I woke up in Keanu's clothes!
he's huge
Today needs to go by very very fast
Keanu on stage
And I wasn't even on the NyQuil
I tink I hab a code
Guess what day it is?
site blather
For those of you who like to know where he is.
Matrix OS Updates
This bodes well for Bill and Ted 3
I love bass players
Diary* of a Lowlife Tabloid** Photographer***
I'm SO not going to watch this
Amo Keanu
Bill and Ted 3
more useless s!ms crap
Coolness factor goes to eleven
I used to believe...
Conor O'Neill has horrible fashion sense
gomi blog
My ego knows no bounds
krix is...
Have I mentioned that I am not a morning person?
Reloaded posters for The s!ms
Save a puppy
Guess who just got new jammies?
Can you hear me now?
I need guns, lots of guns....
If you're pure in heart, the unicorn comes
aesthetic friday
'ello Gorgeous...
More free will than you can shake a stick at
Matrix Shmatrix
One Life to Sim
Two Words
Blue Funk
Dogstar meets the press
In my mailbox today...
Call me, Reeves
halloween wishes
This Week from Brezsny
Sky '91
Keanu Slept Here
The Full Neo
Sim Scandal
This month's calendar is Dedicated to KD
Buy something, already
So what am I holding if that isn't the ripcord?
This and That
Rockin' the house, Dogstyle
Stock up on dark ink
Empire UK '94 article
Dude! You're gettin' a....shut up already.
Here's this
50 Questions answered
Highlights from last night....
Teased! Again!
good morning
Tell me what to watch!
Pink Ribbon
Search me
Art and Horoscopes
Rhonda doth ROCK muchly
from the DMB
Master Thespian
Sunday muse
OK, so I bought more DVDs
Get thee to the DMB-Miho ROCKS!
New Backlot Additions
I really want to go off, but I won't.
I'd title this "bang a kok"...but that would be wrong
Misc. blogfiller
That's Simulated Amore
It's official
Greetings from Thailand (Wish I were THERE)
Art worthy of him
Happy Birthday
The One Zero Zero One One...
One night in Bangkok
KAZ continues to rule
Ode to a belly scar
Silly Feckin' Rabbit
Clear your caches
Absolutely Dogulous
Pictures worth 1000 words
This week for Virgo
Backlot update, and then some
Pick me up
More Meta Keanu
Calendar fix
DeChristo Experiment
You asked for it
One year
Still in NY
Can bad news be serendipidous?
Dogstar s!ms Redux
Yet another reason to adore this guy
Dogstar S!ms
Those cretins at Best Buy charged me twice for a mouse
No one can be told what true love is
KR in NY
Dear Emmy
Wish I was in Santa Monica
Dogstar Newsletter
Scoped out
Thought for the day
Free Beer and Nekkidness!
Noctournal emissions
No really, my eyes are always this green
thought for the day
Bullet dodged
I can't decide if these make me punk rock or just retarded
Juice 97
I wanna be his Kryptonite
Thailand Dogstar Concert
Keanu cocktails
What's more fun than a barrel full of simulated monkeys?
Pop quiz, hotshots
Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!
Artsy stuff
I'm up way too early
Sense of accomplishment
Auction info
What's this, then?
One more
In the dictionary, next to the word 'gorgeous'
I need to do laundry
horny little simulations
fine, I'll shorten the title
Man, that's deep
And it didn't hurt a bit
They're new to you
Sim-you-like-me? and Stimulation
What the hell day is it?
In Lieu of a Spanking...
You Go Girl!
This just in....
Love's Labor Lackadaisical
Pictures worth 1000 words
Evers Print
Yummy Matrixy goodness
Linky Luv
back to business
can we do it again next weekend?
alive and puffy-eyed
So long, Sydney
They're here!
One more Matrix link
Matrix News
Vegas, baby
Farkin' horoscope
How weird am I?
CUT mag
Sunday, lazy Sunday
Sunday Telegraph
The jasmine's sweet
Restored Vision
Oh, Rupert
If it were up to me...
Blah Blah Blah
Not something you want to see for real
Report from the Matrix Filmmaker Series
Brezsny sez
wish upon a bracelet
And now a word.....
Keanu Coiffure
Have I mentioned...
So hip it hurts
Testing something....
Release the hounds!...errr Matrix!
It's Friday, I'm in love
Lunch with Keanu
Matrix Fans UNITE!
Beauty and Truth and Pixels
Haute Keanu
Sequel Mania
Another no-content Sunday
Full of Coffee an' a Matrix
No Keanu Content*
Super-duper Hero
Las Nubes
To thine own self be true
Things to do on eBay when you're bored
The only thing I will say on this....ever.
Juiced up
Rob Mailhouse
Keanu dig it?
Eleven eleven Sunday night
And.......we're back
A Festival of Snark!
August Calendar
One of these days
Long ago...
Brezsny sez...
I "heart" Ted
Heads up
rambling personal entry
It's a little owl, and its eyes wiggle!
Starring Keanu Reeves naked
Matrix stuff
Are we living in a Matrix? Do I give a fuck?
it wahs
Mr. Sutherland?
Rated Rrrrr Wallpaper
Brezsny says
Days go by...
because I feel like it
News at the DMB
Some Quotes
Just Johnny
Random Thought
Keener Suave
Amish Tech Support
Stock Up
Keanu Vino
Am I Spoiled Yet?
Shame on Me
Muy Picante
Reloaded and Dogstar updates
Download Madness
Going Commando
Dances with Films
Jet Jam pix
Ah, but it's a DRY heat...
Last one, I swear.
Keanu Blog webring
Yay me.
I'm Trin, yo!
Thank You, Ann
Recent eBay Acquisitions
Thank you! Bret Domrose
More Wallpaper
Saturday night
July Calendar
Bad News
Dogstar Newsletter # 8
H A I K e a n U
Hunky Hockey Jock Boy
Reel Talk
Reasonable Dogstar Facsimile
Requiem for a cassette
Jumping on the South Park bandwagon
News from the DMB
Last Night
for now
Required Reading
bad idea
So, how much to rent the whole city?
Brezsny sez
Jet Jam wallpaper
Brought to you by the letter "K"
Day off
Go Wings!
poetic license to ill
Music Biz
Well, fuck....
Matrix fun
Rushian Matrix Revisited
This week's horoscope
Funny pages
Bed Head
On the Block
New Blog in Town
Sightseeing in The Matrix
Music news
Silky silky now
First Month
Brezsny sez
Bret Domrose
Is it 2003 yet?
More Google Madness
My first amusing google referral
Reloaded release date
To Lori
Fear of Heights over 6'1"
Teaser Remix
I feel special
June Calendar
Rushian Matrix
The Jack Bauer Power Hour
least coherent post, ever..
I should not be up.
Bizzy bizzy bizzy
Kiefer watch
So this is a tradition, then?
What I did tonight
Poll at IMDB
And life just keeps getting better
TV tonight
Brezsny sez
New Matrix Trailers Online
Wanna grow up to be a Debaser
Oh Mama
for you Aussies
Matrix on ET
Freaking Yahoo
Kiefer on Leno
A what?
24 quickie
News from down under
Keanu Foot Fetish
Things to do in Best Buy when you're bored
24 DVD
New wallpaper
Who's this Rocket guy?
Super Heroes
Go Senators!
So far, so good
Best of krix - episode I
Billy Jacked
Let's get this party started
Bad Boys
The Scottish Play
Dogstar news
Van Halen
Kiefer, Keanu and Ko-stars
Beer and Spoilers
Last night...
Danger Boy Wanted
Keanu Mojo
Dear Keanu
Bad Cat Good Dream
April Fool
I *heart* Bret Domrose
Still more on the Dressage
More Dressage
St. Pat's
House of Blues
My best friend Eric
Quattro Formaggi Fix
Hollywood sucks
Hardball recap pt 4
Satan wine tasting
Hardball recap pt 3
So very wrong
Hardball recap pt 2
Hardball recap pt 1
More Chat stuff
Shave Hoopty
Best Question
TravelLink article
Bad Ferret!
Sexy Noses
Archers of Loaf
Keanu's Basses
Happy Birthday to Rob
Ecstasy Club
Sex and Keanu
Stuff from 'Tash
More on the rumor
Matrix in Las Vegas Rumor
Keanu Philosophy
New Year's Day
New Year's eve
End of the year retrospection
Kenuwee Head
Free PR for WB
Bass players on Dogstar
Holy Jeans Batman!
Kinski: Uncut
I wanna Rock....sorta
Email etiquette
Joey Ramone?
What are you wearing?
Happy Birthday to Bret
Who Rules?
Waiting for Dogstar
Losing my Dogstar Virginity
Keanuvision Store
Recap part 4
Film News
Keanu for Kyodai
More re-cap
Revisited re-cap
Not a Himbo
"The Face"
The Editing Room
House of Blues
Attention Mr. Reeves
Peek at Revisited
This is what I'm talking about
Keanu Art
Dogstar at The Catalyst
Dogstar Fans
Bill and Ted 3?
T-Shirt Mania
Captain Dick
Top Ten
Not The One
Two Neos Cont'd
Tale of Two Neos
Dojo Neo
No Forward
SEX and Music
eBay addiction
I Love This Guy
The Name of Keanu
First Post