July 10, 2003

whatever, dude

This is keanuvision's 1000th entry.

K is some sort of shorthand for 1000.

Keanu starts with a K, so does krix.

Whatever, dude

I really don't know where I'm going with this.....

It just seemed significant.

it wahs , the site | from inside the mind of krix at July 10, 2003 09:21 PM .

One K of Kongratulations for you, Krix! Keep the Kspirit alive..., let K rule!
Oops, I think, I got Karried away...

Posted by: Niobe on July 11, 2003 12:39 AM

k for Keep up the excellent work!
e for Everyday, please
a for Almost everyday will do, if you must
n for Never miss more than a day or two, Please!
u for U have the best blog on the net
v for Very very cool
i for I am addicted to reading blogs
s for So very very entertaining - u and kcr
i for Is there a 12 step program for this?
o for Oh, my Gawd, Ke is fine!!!
n for Neo - the one and only

Thanks for blogging and making my 8 hour night shift not so bland.

Posted by: wanda on July 11, 2003 04:08 AM

kinda significant? Hail yes!! A very special K day!
And an all-encompassing thanx!

Posted by: phoenix IX on July 11, 2003 06:47 AM

Very significant indeed!! Thanks for the great blog! I'm looking forward to the next 1000 entries!!!

Posted by: Lisa on July 11, 2003 07:24 AM

kongrats on 1000...but seriously, that picture is not flattering.

Posted by: madmathias on July 11, 2003 07:31 AM

There's no way I now drop in and say something, even if: I wish you many more K's, in all sorts and manners, in all sorts of ways.

And for a Friday pic, check out this new one, of him peeking into his new house. It certainly reminded me of you.

FairBea, now a married lady.

Posted by: Fair Bea on July 11, 2003 07:56 AM

Bea! Congratulations! I just tried to email you and it bounced..:(

Thanks you guys, and WANDA! You're the coolest.

Posted by: krix on July 11, 2003 08:35 AM

Congrats on the 1k!!! :-) thanks for letting me poke my head in on your party.

Posted by: frell on July 11, 2003 09:27 AM

WHOW! Congrats on BIG K anniversary!

The picture is cool. I have never seen a picture of Keanu where he would not look kool :)... This man is unbelievably photogenic, no matter where or what or when.

Posted by: lucia on July 11, 2003 10:47 AM

I love this pic, it's like they caught him mid-eyeroll over it all.

Posted by: krix on July 11, 2003 10:56 AM

Word to the 1K...


Posted by: Keanuette on July 11, 2003 10:59 AM

Nice 2CU bea!!

Married laydee :o)


Posted by: Keanuette on July 11, 2003 11:03 AM

there *is* only 1k... (hey, i'm back, but only for a day or so) :)

Posted by: lori on July 15, 2003 03:55 PM
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