November 06, 2002

Hi Tony Pierce!

Um...hi....what's your name?

krix, with an "x" and a lower case "k", rhymes with Trix, like the cereal.

M'kay....hi krix.

I just wanted to to thank you for linking me.

Sure, I do that sometimes. When people link to me, I sometimes link back to them. I list the new links by month. It's very efficient. Have you pre-ordered my book yet?

Not yet, but I'm going to. Also, thank you for linking to keanuvision in your Winona entry. I noticed that you added it post-edit. Not that I compulsively checked or anything.

Of course not.

I feel really special. You're a very popular L.A. blogger. Do you have Keanu's phone number?

No. Now, about my book...

I just started reading busblog and gosh,'re swell.

Thank you.

Do you mention Keanu in the book?

Um, I'm not sure. You should really buy it and see.

Okay, Tony Pierce. I'll do that!

Thank you.

And thank YOU! Bye now.

tribe | from inside the mind of krix at November 06, 2002 09:44 PM .

do i really hustle the book that hard?

i'll take it easy from now on.

thank you so much for pre-ordering it though! and all the nice things you said.

i'll try to put your boy in some of my posts in the future.

thanks again! you have a beautiful site!!!

Posted by: tony on November 6, 2002 10:42 PM

Thank you, I have an exquisite muse.

And don't worry, I'm sure that there's some sort of "you can never hustle your own book too much" adage. If not, I coin it now.

Posted by: krix on November 7, 2002 08:12 AM

"Exquisite muse" I like that...:D

Hey Tony...

Posted by: Keanuette on November 8, 2002 06:15 AM
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