July 14, 2002
Keener Suave

Oh, joy. Sundays are frequently "phone-it-in day" so in keeping with the tradition of craptacular posts I give you:

Anagrams of "Keanu Reeves"
thanks to this site

Eureka! evens. (Um, I don't really think that his name has an ! in it, although it should.)
Eureka! seven. (see above)
Suave keener.
Sake revenue.
A severe nuke. (Yeah, to my cervix.)
Ever nuke sea.
Keen as revue.
Keen rue save.
Keen suave re.
Ears nuke eve. (what?)
Even eurekas.
Eve nukes are.
Nukes ear eve.
Eve nukes era.
Even sake rue.
Knee as revue. (now these are just getting stupid.)
Knee suave re.
A revue knees.
Reek as venue.
Knee rue save.
Avenue reeks. (Those are just rumors!)

"Gosh! These anagrams are swell! Got any more?"

uhhh, sure.
Just click "MORE"......

Veneer ukase.
Ever, 'e's a nuke.
Ever a keen us.
Re sake venue.
Use keen rave.
Rake even use.
Ever use a ken.
Snake rue eve.
Sneak rue eve.
Nuke veer sea.
Nuke rave see.
Sure! a ken eve.
Ever keen USA.
Ever sane Uke.
Veneer as Uke.
Never! auk see.
Even erase UK.
Never ease UK.
Rave keen sue.
Seek 'n' a revue.
Nuke re as eve.
'e's rake venue.
Avenues reek.
'e's auk veneer.
Knave rue see.
Ever. Auk seen.
A nukes re eve.
Knee use rave.
Ever a knee us.
'e's a nuke veer.
Rake even sue.
Revenues ake.
Nuke sear eve.
Seek rue vane.
A venues reek.
Ever knee USA.
Nerve auk see.
Nerve ease UK.
Veer a keen us.
A ken user eve.
Nuke ere save.
Kea revenues.
Ken revue sea.
Seek revue. An.
Nuke eve eras.
Ark venue see.
Veneer UK sea.
Nuke re eaves.
Ever a ken sue.
Sake rune eve.
Knee rave sue.
Seek run eave.
Nuke ease rev.
Sure! even Kea.
Sure ken eave.
Ken rue as eve.
Saner Uke eve.
Ever sun akee.
Sure ake even.
'e's a ken revue.
Ever seek UNA.
A. Seek run eve.
Evens ear Uke.
Never! a see UK.
Revenue's Kea.
Even Uke ears.
Revenue's ake.
Ea nukes ever.
Never! akee us.
Nuke serve Ea.
Nuke verse Ea.
Evens Uke are.
Evens Uke era.
Seven Uke are.
Seven Uke ear.
Seven Uke era.
Never! Uke sea.
'e's a veneer UK.
Use veer a ken.
Veer keen USA.
Eurekas 'n' eve.
Sake rue 'n' eve.
Ask ere venue.
Ensue ark eve.
Keen rue vase.
Suave ere ken.
Nuke ear's eve.
Nukes re eave.
Veer sane Uke.
Knee a veer us.
Nuke sever Ea.
A reek us even.
Ever an UK see.
Akee runs eve.
Ake never use.
Ken rue eaves.
Seek rue nave.
Even re ukase.
Veer auk seen.
Sneer auk eve.
Even ease Kru.
Ever a seen UK.
Ake even user.
Nerve akee us.
Never use Kea.
Eureka! even S.
Even auk seer.
Nuke ae serve.
Nuke ae verse.
Nuke rase eve.
Nerve Uke sea.
Uke earns eve.
Nerve a see UK.
UK 'n' ever ease.
Even Kea user.
Serve keen AU.
Verse keen AU.
Ken user eave.
Eureka! v seen.
Severe. An Uke.
Use a keen rev.
Ae nukes ever.
Aves keen rue.
Reek use vane.
Auk 'n' ever. See.
Nuke eve Ares.
Uke raven see.
Use veneer ka.
Use Karen eve.
Ever ensue ka.
Ear ken us eve.
Nuke a Reeves.
Sever ae nuke.
Even erase Ku.
Never ease Ku.
Sever keen AU.
Veer a ken sue.
Ever snake Eu.
Ever sneak Eu.
Seek venue AR.
Never seek AU.
Reek even USA.
A veneers, Uke.
'e's even UK are.
'e's even UK ear.
'e's even UK era.
'e's ka revenue.
Use ere knave.
'e's erk avenue.
Nuke a rev see.
Knee veer USA.
Ken us eve are.
Ken us eve era.
Use keener Av.
Sure knave EE.
Reek an us eve.
Never! sake Eu.
Use nerve Kea.
Reek a sun eve.
Ake use nerve.
Knee rue vase.
'e's a nerve Uke.
Ever, 'e's an Uke.
Ake veneer us.
U keener save.
Ever seek Anu.
Ake evens rue.
Never ake sue.
A ken ruse eve.
Ever seek a nu.
Eureka! eve SN.
Uke as even re.
Veneer Kea us.
Ensure ka eve.
A keen sue rev.
Evens Kea rue.
Seven Kea rue.
Never! Kea sue.

it wahs | from inside the mind of krix at July 14, 2002 11:11 AM .

Anagrams can really ruin something special.......

Posted by: Beatrice on July 14, 2002 03:53 PM

Haha, agreed.
And they mean nothing. I believe that because of the things that appear in my name.
Which I shall not share.

Posted by: krix on July 14, 2002 04:45 PM


Thanks for that!

Posted by: Keanuette on July 15, 2002 12:49 PM

A severe nuke, indeed!!

Posted by: Lori on July 17, 2002 06:39 PM
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