December 09, 2003
Hockey in Toronto

Thanks Keanuette for this article that indicates that Keanu might be taking to the ice for some charity games this February.

[Doug] Gilmour made his surprise remarks after earlier announcing that he and another former Leaf captain, Rick Vaive, will team up with TV and movie stars for a two-game hockey series to benefit charity.

The Hollywood All-Stars will play on Feb.7 at Copps Coliseum in Hamilton and on the following night at the new Ricoh Coliseum at the CNE grounds.

The series hopes to raise $600,000 for charity. Tickets will range from $10 to $50 at Copps and a flat rate of $44 at Ricoh.

Actor Keanu Reeves and former world champion figure skater Elvis Stojko of Richmond Hill will also play in the games.

The chief benefactor will be St. Joseph's Health Centre in Toronto. Money will also be donated to Shoot for a Cure, Sunshine Dreams for Kids and the Anemia Institute Foundation.

it wahs | from inside the mind of krix at December 09, 2003 11:54 AM .

Dammit! I was just in Toronto. *pout*

Posted by: Zen on December 9, 2003 05:35 PM

Lucky Torontoans! To see our fave goalie Kanu once again supporting such worthy causes!
Sooooo cool!

Posted by: phoenix IX on December 9, 2003 06:59 PM

I can't wait! He's coming to Hamilton...i live in Hamilton...AHHHH!!! Excuse me while i faint! I hope i get to go....nice Christmas present ;)

Posted by: Keanu_Soul on December 9, 2003 07:11 PM

Hey, Zen! Don't you have some urgent business needs in the Toronto area which need attending sometime say...around February 7-8? ;)

Posted by: r.j.girl on December 9, 2003 08:50 PM

They're playing a Starlight Foundation game at the Health-something Center in El Segundo on January 17th. Puck drops at 4:30. Feel Like taking another cruise down 15, Krix?

Posted by: Spike on December 9, 2003 09:37 PM

I am deffinately going to El Segundo. Krix thankyou for posting such lovely pics of him on this site. How is it possible that one human being could hold so much beauty... He is such a dream.....

Posted by: Dre on December 10, 2003 01:07 AM

I would love to go just because it is for the children. Keanu is an extra bonus! !:)
hugs and God bless Janice

Posted by: Janice on December 10, 2003 03:33 AM

Well, r.j.girl, it is my birthday on the 6th. And I haven't picked out a present for me yet. Hhmmmmmm. ;)

Posted by: Zen on December 10, 2003 04:43 AM

This is absolutely amazing! I have to get tickets for BOTH games. To watch Keanu play hockey - well I just can't tell you what this would do to me.

Posted by: Lucid on December 10, 2003 06:59 AM

Waitaminnit, Has Keanu been added to the El Segundo roster? Anyone know?
The last update I saw didn't have him listed, only Paulie.

And Kiefer.


24 ROCKED and RULED last night, and I had a nice Kiefer dream this morning (before the fucking girl cat started pitching CDs off the desk)....

::cue That Tod head shake::

Anyway, if anyone has info that Keanu will be playing in January in El Segundo, let me know because I'll definitely make the trip.

Posted by: krix on December 10, 2003 08:11 AM

January, eh?
What PART of January? Beginning, middle or the end?

Because I can use this as an extra reason to convince my accountant that I really *must* go on that business-trip.

Posted by: Julie! on December 10, 2003 11:32 AM

On it says that the Becky boys will be tearing up the ice at the El Segundo event. So I am alledging that Keanu will be there. I certainly hope so. Just being in the same room as that man gives me such an energy!!!!

Posted by: Dre on December 10, 2003 12:53 PM

I hope that does mean he's playing. Becky boys *could* mean Rob as well. That would be cool as well. I'd like to see it in ink, though.
Oy, I won't be able to commit to the trip until after Xmas, anyway.

Posted by: krix on December 10, 2003 01:07 PM

Oooooo, that's so great, Zen! I'll put a bug in the birthday fairy's ear as to your *PERFECT* gift.

By the Mom's birthday is the 4th. You Aquarians are good people. :)

Posted by: r.j.girl on December 10, 2003 06:09 PM

i will try to go, i live in Toronto. If i will i hope to snap pics and scan them for you guys. i hope you can snap there, even a holy visage such as Keanu's.

Posted by: Daria on December 10, 2003 08:05 PM

*giggle* *blush* We are quite good aren't we? ;)

Posted by: Zen on December 11, 2003 11:28 AM

OMG! I just got a ticket today. I'm freaking out...LOL..

Posted by: Keanu_Soul on December 11, 2003 04:21 PM

haha, you ppl are crazy.
i just heard an add for this game on the radio today and this was the only page i could turn up with information on it. thanks for the link to the article. watch out for pucks.


Posted by: ProdigyBoy on January 12, 2004 02:36 PM

I can't wait for this. My sweetie bought me tickets for this event for our 2 year anniversary!
Killer Instinct #93 RULES!

Posted by: BA on January 26, 2004 08:18 PM
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