September 09, 2002
What's this, then?

Well, I know Keanuette is happy, she now has her own Sim and her own Keanu over at Skits' s!ms blog. Skits is creating a whole Sim neighborhood and is going to populate it with bloggers. Is anyone else really anxious to see a Sim Hoopty? I know I am.
Anyway, you can go checkout Keanuette's Sim adventure and get a sneak peak at what's happening in the SimKrix/Keanu storyline.

click to go to the s!ms blog

Skits is a very funny girl. It seems Sim Keanu has found the blog.
I wonder what's going to happen next?

You know, in comments just a couple posts down, I had an "omg" reaction to the thought of Keanu ever happening across this site. But really, that'd be fine. Heck, I'd be lying if I said it wouldn't be a complete thrill.
Admittedly, there are a few things that would cause me to blush if I knew that he had read them. (Hello? dressage theory, anyone?) but really, I don't post anything that I would feel weird about him reading.
Even the cracks about his hair. I imagine he can take it. Because really, it's all meant with affection. And if he can't? Dude, get over yourself.

I don't think it's very likely to happen, though. But if it does, I hope he's amused.

simulated | from inside the mind of krix at September 09, 2002 11:22 AM .

Ooh, to think he'd read how I coined the term "ambidresstrous" just for him! Hee!

Posted by: Lori on September 9, 2002 12:06 PM

I'm sure he'd be amused, and frankly, I'd be surprised if he hasn't at least SEEN some of the blogs out there about him. I know if I were famous, I'd be hitting the googlebot occasionally, just to see what's out there about me.

Posted by: skits on September 9, 2002 02:11 PM

Keanu ain't that vain...LOL

He doesn't know what a computer is...j/k

Posted by: Keanuette on September 13, 2002 05:01 AM
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