March 02, 2002
Quattro Formaggi Fix

Quattro Formaggi is an "enhanced" CD, meaning that along with the four nifty tunes, it has a bunch of video clips that you can watch on your computer. Unfortunately, it usually doesn't work because of some screwy quicktime file thing. HOWEVER, there was a page for another band, Treble Charger that had a "fix" that you could do to your computer. I guess they had a CD with the same type of enhancements. A couple years ago, when I was gifted my first Dogstar CD, (QF of course) by a lovely woman Diane, I was told about this page. Credit goes to Mary Jo for providing me and many other fans with this info.
Unfortunately that page is no longer online.
Janice, over at her Dogstar site: My Happy Ending made a page with the info on it, which is very helpful (in fact it contains much more thorough installation instuctions so check it out), but doesn't contain the actual file needed to do the fix. (I'm not sure if the file is still at that old treble charger site, all I know is that I looked for the page and it's no longer there).
For some reason, I had the foresight to save that old treble charger page and the zip file to my computer and I'm glad I did.
SO, I have made my own QF fix page that hopefully will be around for a while.
Props to: Diane (for giving me the CD and pointing me toward..), Mary Jo (for helping out with the fix link way back when), Janice (for making a record of the page and the info so I could find it again, before it went offline) and mostly to the Treble Charger guy, whoever he is (for figuring out the fix and making it available for all of us Dogstar fans without even knowing it)

(for future reference, there will be a link to the fix page on's misc page)

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