August 23, 2003
Thumbsucker Wraps Up

TUALATIN — A little Hollywood glamour has come to Oregon, and last weekend that glamour found itself roosting in a hot, dusty rock quarry that looked eerily like the set of a cheap science fiction movie.

But the movie that brought stars Vincent D’Onofrio, Tilda Swinton, Keanu Reeves and Benjamin Bratt to Oregon is “Thumbsucker,” a wry coming-of-age story adapted from the Walter Kirn book about a teenager with an oral fixation. The film completes seven weeks of Oregon location work this weekend.

[snipped for Keanu content ...]

Reeves, who was in town for four days, plays the kindly orthodontist who hypnotizes Pucci to stop his thumbsucking, which only sends him off on new fixations. Vince Vaughn plays his debate coach, and Bratt is a TV announcer whom Audrey fancies.

[and some nice things about Lou Taylor Pucci, the film's lead...]

Although Pucci is a newcomer to film, he has plenty of fans on this set.

“He’s so way ahead of any actor I’ve met for his age,” D’Onofrio said.

“From the very first day of improv, he was neck and neck with me.”

“Honestly, Lou is a total gift from God that came on the last day of casting,” said Mills, who auditioned 150 teenagers.

“There are a lot of people who are good at pretending to be this or that; Lou is this magical little chameleon.”

Pucci also is up for a role in “Constantine,” another Reeves project.

“I love Keanu Reeves so much, I wish I could do more with him,” Pucci said.

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cinema , media spot | from inside the mind of krix at August 23, 2003 11:28 AM .

Sigh...I wish I could do more with him, too.

Posted by: krix on August 23, 2003 12:55 PM

I love Keanu Reeves so much, I wish I could do more with him, Pucci said...
Don't we all, LTP??? There are so many things I could think of doing with him...

Posted by: Niobe on August 23, 2003 01:53 PM

keanu love
keanu love
been missin ya
miss kissin ya

okay, I've gone around a bend of bordomness, the kid is ONE of us, no one who meets the man is immune.

Posted by: tess on August 23, 2003 02:20 PM

true dat!

Posted by: phoenix IX on August 23, 2003 03:14 PM

now that i know Lou loves keanu, there's no way i'll miss his debut movie! (as if that was ever gonna happen...)

Posted by: lori on August 23, 2003 10:05 PM

"He's so easy to love...."

Posted by: Jen on August 24, 2003 02:57 AM

I hear Lou was in "Personal Velocity" too. I have yet to see it, 'cause it's always out at my local video store. He's definitely a cutie! :)

Posted by: Natasha on August 24, 2003 10:21 AM
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