September 06, 2002
fine, I'll shorten the title

So, it's still looking like Constantine has the green light and Keanu is still attached according to this story (via keanuweb) about Lorenzo di Bonaventura, who will be producing.
(Mr. Di Bonaventura is the gentleman whose name I could never catch or remember while writing the Revisited recap. I've surely doomed all hopes for a Reloaded premiere invite with that....doh!)

So I've finally started reading what issues of HELLBLAZER I have.

I liked issue #31-"Mourning of the Magician", mostly because it was kind of a stand alone. It's damn frustrating to have these huge gaps because most of the time they end in a cliffhanger.

I enjoyed #63 "Forty", featuring Constantine's 40th birthday, with a cameo by Swamp Thing and my favorite character thus far--a talking rabbit, Mange.

I find myself trying to figure out what may or may not be used for the movie. I only got the last two issues in the "Rake at the Gates of Hell" storyline. It reads like a pretty good screenplay, although I suspect any of the complete story-arcs might.

I've got a straight run for the next few issues (84-90) that I'm going to get at tomorrow.

I'm enjoying this. Probably too much, and I'll have to start digging around for more issues to fill in the gaps.

cinema , constantine | from inside the mind of krix at September 06, 2002 05:00 PM .

Um, I'd probably love the comic, but I'm not sure I'm liking the idea of keanu as Constantine...

Posted by: Lori on September 7, 2002 09:06 AM
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