March 20, 2004
please dispense slurpees, not advice

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phoned in | from inside the mind of krix's phone at March 20, 2004 10:19 AM .

For Julie! and anyone else without sound:

"Hey everyone, I'm on the road, and, uh, everything's going okay except for the fact that I was just lectured by this cashier at 7-eleven [convenience store] on my purchase of 3 cans of sugar-free Red Bull. What the fuck?! He pointed out that 'Oh, that's not good for your heart' and then started rattling off these AMA studies about caffeine and bullshit telling me I'm going to have a stroke. What the hell? Anyway, I told him as I was trying to leave-he wouldn't let me leave!-I told him 'thanks for making my day, dude', and, uh, gassed up and left. Anyway, soooo, that's about it. That was, that's the start of my morning and I'm all pissed off and welled up [?] at the neeeeerve of fuckin', some 7-eleven clerk. *sigh*

Okay, soooo, I'm just barely out of town. I've got Nick's CD's [I might have misspelled there] and books on CD and all kinds of fun stuff to listen to and of course I'll probably be audblogging and photoblogging from interesting places like [I have no idea what town she named here, sorry, someone edit me]. Annnnnd...that's it! Yayyyy! I'm going to see Becky toniiiight! And I'm going to watch Keanu play base.

Ummmmm, I'm all weird 'cuz I'm alone in the car talking on the phone makin' an audblog. Soooo I will talk at everyone later, I suppose. Everyone have a great weekend. I'm hoping to. WHEEEE!! Umm...oh God, that was lame, I should just hang up now. *click*"

Have fun, krixy. :)

Posted by: Mikey2 on March 20, 2004 11:16 AM

I think it was Barstow, or Bristow. A left-coaster would know!

Posted by: bakednudel on March 20, 2004 11:40 AM

Sounded like "barstool", so probably the first one. lol

Posted by: Mikey2 on March 20, 2004 12:05 PM

That would be Barstow - there's a crossroads there, an outlet mall, a major truck stop, every fast-food place you can think of, and lots of desert. It's kind of the midway point (not exactly though) between Vegas and LA. It's also where you leave Interstate 15 go drive out to the Colorado River.

I wonder if the desert is in bloom yet? She may be having a beautiful drive.

Posted by: MC at RD on March 20, 2004 01:37 PM

I vote for Barstow also. Thanks Mikey2! Julie! will be happy, and you saved me some typing. :D

*waves at krix* Have fun girl! And forget about that stupid clerk. I mean what does he know? He works at freakin' 7 eleven. Sooooo, does the multi-red-bull buying mean that bass-talking has lost to breast-signage?

Posted by: Zen on March 20, 2004 01:41 PM

...hey, Mikey, thanks for the transcript! Makes it easier for us foreigners to follow the message ;-)@-->--!

The town you were looking for is indeed Barstow CA, it's halfway between the Mojave and Los Angeles... anyway, I'm soo looking forward to more posts, be it on audblog or buzznet, Krix!
Have fun!

Posted by: Niobe on March 20, 2004 01:43 PM

Hee! Yes, I *am* happy Zen! :-D I decided to check in BEFORE I go barhopping, in order to avoid making a total fool out of myself -and harrassing everyone with drunken tunes again like..*cough* a week ago ;-)

Smooches on Mikey! :-) Ah, you are our *knight in shining armor* ;-D

Krix: Look at the bright side! He was probably just smitten by you, and looking for an excuse to keep on talking to you ;-)
And now I'm off to harrass you via textmessage before I start to drink my sorrows away *evil grin* :-D

Posted by: Julie! on March 20, 2004 02:09 PM

...drinking your sorrows away, Julie!??? Why? I mean, why don't you drink just for the fun of it??? BTW, what are you having?

Posted by: Niobe on March 20, 2004 02:25 PM

Please be safe too!

Posted by: Janice on March 20, 2004 02:41 PM

WEEEEE!!! krix, you said "WEEEEE!" LOL!
Can't wait to hear about the show!! Travel safely!

Posted by: Jena on March 20, 2004 10:38 PM

I hate people like that. If they know you that's one thing, but when they don't grrrrrrrrrrrrrr... Ugh Barstow.... I lived there for 10 years... I hate that place. I try to go through it as fast as I can.. LOL

Posted by: Catz on March 21, 2004 08:58 AM

LOL Niobe, sorry for the late reaction! :-)
No sorrows, just upset that I couldn't be there to join in the fun :-)
Drinks were caiperina & beer, and it was a pretty crappy evening :-/ Annoying dudes & stuff.

Thank goodness Krix had a great time, that kind of 'evens' the 'balance of the cosmos' ;-D

Posted by: Julie! on March 22, 2004 08:38 AM
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