May 03, 2004
what's up?

there's really no news and all my creative energy is focused bass so for the next few days there will be pictures with links to things that are off topic, but still interesting. there might be other stuff as well, but no promises

off topic | from inside the mind of krix at May 03, 2004 09:30 AM .

Pics? Sounds enticing!!!
Don't let us keep you from your real life, tho.
Say 'hi' to Larry for me...

Posted by: Niobe on May 3, 2004 11:15 AM

Real life: On the road again...

..."Hi Larry"

Posted by: shelz on May 3, 2004 03:09 PM

You're going on the road?
You sure do leave some cryptic comments, shelz.

Larry says Hi.

Posted by: krix on May 3, 2004 03:24 PM

Thanks for the link. I don't have IM set up, but this looks like a good reference should I ever do that. And according to BT, I'm a brave deluded fool for using ROFLMAO and I should never use it again. Ever. Oops! ROFLMAO! Oops again! :)

Posted by: sta-cie on May 3, 2004 03:51 PM

wholly off topic:
my ideal day off: magical may weather, children in school, beatiful morning spended in the bed with husband with some glasses of whiskey on the rocks, some chinwag (a lot about Mr.K), an enjoyable walking in the spring forest, a lunch in dragstore and more talks likewise as in the bed and by the way to the home we picked a bunch of lily of the valley. Now they smells over all flat.
I just want you to feel my mood of today.*hugs for all here*

Posted by: vika on May 3, 2004 04:45 PM

I have to disagree with some of what the 'handbook' says.

I write as I speak. What you read is if you're speaking to me face to face and it's just as personable as me being there.

I can't keep flying 5000 just to chat with you. I'd be skint.

Posted by: Keanuette on May 3, 2004 06:06 PM

Whoa...I almost missed this thread...I was on the road Krix.

Vika...I like your's beautiful, just beautiful *hugs*

Posted by: shelz on May 3, 2004 10:03 PM
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