August 26, 2002
back to business

It seems Rhonda knew I would need something to yank my mind away from BlogCon shenannigans and back on topic, so she took it upon herself to make sure my (in)box was full of Keanu tongue(-themed pics....*snerk*) this morning. Here's just a small sample....guhhhh...Hoopty who?????


ahem....I'm off to find out if there's any news I should be posting about.

it wahs | from inside the mind of krix at August 26, 2002 03:28 PM .

Hey Krix, Sorry about the full mail box, but hell... one can never get enough of any of Keanu's body parts...I just happened to focus on his tongue. When he sticks that thing out, he gives me the vapors.(oh, the imagery) So, any ideas on any future "Themes?" I might consider taking requests, if there is enough interest.

Posted by: Rhonda on August 26, 2002 06:35 PM

I love the titles of the pictures when I went to save them to my harddrive.


Do chicks have a

Posted by: Tyler on August 26, 2002 08:10 PM

Heh, the filenames are all Rhonda. She's great about that.

Posted by: krix on August 26, 2002 08:30 PM

Damn straight we have hard drives. Mine is heightened simply by the thought of The Beautiful One. (any body part afore mentioned)

Posted by: Rhonda on August 26, 2002 08:35 PM

Bet its a hard drive too, donja think?

Posted by: Tyler on August 26, 2002 09:24 PM

Keanu's beautiful one I mean (like y'all didn't know that!)


Posted by: tyler on August 26, 2002 09:25 PM

My goodness girls, I thought we loved him for his intellect! I guess sometimes you just gotta admire the body parts, but I'd truly prefer the whole right now...

Posted by: Lori on August 27, 2002 03:23 AM

hoopty who? baby.....I'm all that and a bag of pretzels!!

Posted by: hoopty on August 27, 2002 09:33 PM

Yeah, bag of *married* pretzels! (Can you tell I have issues with this?)

Posted by: Lori on August 28, 2002 09:25 PM
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