May 10, 2002
Matrix on ET

Thanks to TheMatrixOnline for this info-

Next week, Entertainment Tonight will have a look at the Reloaded teaser trailer and also at a teaser for Revolutions.

From the article on ET's website:

"The sequel carves a continuation of [my character] Neo's journey and his quest to find out the truth," Keanu reveals to ET. "It's more about the conflict with the machines and the humans."

red pill | from inside the mind of krix at May 10, 2002 12:55 PM .

This is a good interview with Keanu sitting in front of all those keys. He looks tired, but his voice sounds like velvet (low and soft) one can only imagine what these two films are going to turn out to be like, but I'm sooo there.

Posted by: Rhonda on May 10, 2002 04:21 PM

Me too.
I just saw a preview on tonight's ET.
I can't wait.

Posted by: krix on May 10, 2002 07:10 PM
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