April 21, 2004
I need someone to sign my mom's name on this

Dear Mr. krix's bass teacher,

Please excuse krix from playing The Pink Panther this week.

Apparently, ever since Friday night, all she wants to play is becky songs.

Mr. Mancini will have to wait.
Blame Reeves.

off topic | from inside the mind of krix at April 21, 2004 05:36 PM .


Posted by: Zen on April 21, 2004 06:05 PM

Hee..*does quick addition in head* erm...I'm not old enough, otherwise I'd sign as your mom!

But...Pink Panther does have some swingin' bass lines...*wink* like bachelor pad music...

Posted by: bakednudel on April 21, 2004 06:20 PM

I love your song-playing priorities, as well as that super cool Beckyband Vegas review, krix ...
thank you! *smiles* Bottom/bassline: Teach will just have to understand
sometimes exceptions are in order ! *megasmiles*

Posted by: phoenix IX on April 21, 2004 07:09 PM

"Becky Mania" details are in your box. Blame Mr. Reeves Chianti (where do you get your talent???)

Posted by: shelz on April 21, 2004 07:40 PM

"Becky Mania" details are in your box. Blame Mr. Reeves Chianti (where do you get your talent???)

Posted by: shelz on April 21, 2004 07:40 PM

Who could blame you?? :)

Posted by: Cornflakes on April 21, 2004 11:20 PM

Shelz, sweetie, you've got to click just once when you post a comment. You're going to give krix a hernia trying to erase all your double and triple comment posts. Even if it takes a little time to download, resist the urge to click again. ;)

If this is just the unfortunate result of the recent glitch in the blog, please accept my humble apologies. :)

Posted by: Zen on April 22, 2004 04:53 AM

....signed Krix's mother.

If your Mom is like 'Epstein's mother,' she may never know of all the notes she "signed."

You give us so much here, I think we all feel you deserve to play hooky from whatever you want and just exist in the land of Keanu and beckyband.

Posted by: Tawny on April 22, 2004 05:48 AM

Oh great! Now I'm going to have Henry Mancini in my head all day.

I was flattered and surprised to see you linked to my hormone-induced attempt at erotic poetry. Those pictures just inspired the hell out of me.

Thanks for the Kudos. Here's a Twix for Krix. (it's early here yet, please forgive me)

Posted by: Chianti on April 22, 2004 06:05 AM

It's the glitch...I type in a comment and press enter, then it comes up "reload" and doesn't show my comment...so I reload or retype...and I've learned the result is a scary number of comments...sorry Krix :-(

...hey, I wanna Twix!

Posted by: shelz on April 22, 2004 06:50 AM

Duh-dum, dum-dum...

I love the Pink Panther! I love his walk.
Anybody remember the Aardvark? He sounded like Jackie Mason...

Posted by: Tabitha on April 22, 2004 07:58 AM

Hmmmmm... shelz, try clicking "refresh" before you re-enter the comment. Maybe it's working, but the glitch makes it look like it's not.
*Zenny trying to be helpful* :D

Posted by: Zen on April 22, 2004 08:00 AM

I guarantee that as soon as you clink that post button once, the comment goes through. There is never any need to re-enter a comment. If it doesn't look like it showed up, use the F5 key to reload the page.

The Aardvark totally WAS Jackie Mason! Hee!

Posted by: krix on April 22, 2004 08:17 AM
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