March 09, 2004
Spaced Out


Don't forget becky rocks at Spaceland tonight.

Between gas prices, time constraints and the fact that whatever it was I thought I was over this weekend is back full force *cough*, I've decided not to make the trip.

To anyone going, have fun!

becky | from inside the mind of krix at March 09, 2004 10:38 AM .

Feel Better Soon, Krix....

Posted by: Rhonda on March 9, 2004 11:57 AM

Sorry to hear that you are not over whatever it is you have. :(
*go away germs, leave Krix alone*
If you don't mind me asking, how much is gas out in Vegas? I filled up yesterday for 1.61 a gallon and that is probably a bargain compared to what you are paying or maybe not? Just curious.....

Posted by: Lisa on March 9, 2004 12:17 PM

Last time I filled up it was 2.09 for reg. unleaded and I know CA prices are higher. It wasn't a huge factor in the decision not to go(which I really decided this weekend) but with everything else....I've just decided to wait until I can spend a whole weekend in LA, have more do do than a single show and someone is free to go with me. Road trips aren't as much fun by yourself.

Posted by: krix on March 9, 2004 12:33 PM

Cool sign! :-D

Aw... I'm sure you'll never have to go alone, you have enough friends! :-)
If I lived in the US, I'd totally stow-away in your luggage thing in the back of the car! -don't know the English word :-)

Either way, at the rate they're going gig-wise, you'll probably get another chance soon!

I hope you feel better soon!!!!!! Take the day off! Otherwise it might last even longer :-(

Posted by: Julie! on March 9, 2004 01:25 PM

Feel better, krix. It is a bitch being sick. Kewl sign, though!

Sorta kinda off topic, I was out looking for a new apt today and went past a gas station that did not even post it's prices! Other stations' prices were between $1.69 and $1.76 a gallon. Most people where I live think that is highway robbery, since you need to drive at least 20 miles in any direction to get to civilization.

Posted by: Melissa on March 9, 2004 01:47 PM

Hope you will feel better soon, and I'm sure and have no doubt that they will miss you being there with your friends rocking out..

I wish I could be there too, but sadly no can do this year..
hugs and God bless your friend

Posted by: Janice on March 9, 2004 02:19 PM

*in best motherly voice* krix, you must take some time off to recuperate otherwise this thing is going to drag on forever.

*in best teacher voice* Julie!, the luggage thing is called a "trunk".

Now, if I could just think back to grade three and remember what a gallon is, I might be able to follow this gas price conversation. *walks away scratching head*

Posted by: Zen on March 9, 2004 02:24 PM

Those prices are crazy! But I guess everything is more expensive the further west you go. The highest price that I have paid for reg. unleaded was about 1.79. The prices go up and down like a roller coaster! You have to make sure you catch it on the downside!
I understand about not wanting to make the roadtrip by yourself. That would not be much fun. Julie!'s right, there will be other chances!

Posted by: Lisa on March 9, 2004 02:35 PM

Hee! What a nice gesture from whomever, that sign ;-)

*whispering* pstt, Zen, a gallon is approx. 4,5 litres, in Germany a litre is about 1 , that equals a gallon at about $ 5,60.

No wonder we have cars that don't overindulge on gas, my car uses about 2,1 gallons for 100 miles... and it's not small and quite fast!

Posted by: Niobe on March 9, 2004 02:48 PM

Thanks Niobe. I was guessing 4 litres, so not too far off. That would make our gas $4.00 a gallon, so stop complaining you Americans!

Posted by: Zen on March 9, 2004 02:57 PM

Cool signage...8)

Get well soon bubs...:)

Posted by: Keanuette on March 9, 2004 03:01 PM

I hope you get to feeling better!!!! Gas prices are down here, but I am not sure how long!

Posted by: Mrs Cool Breeze on March 9, 2004 03:06 PM

Sounds like you've been one sick chicken. Hope you're getting better. Surely someone will be going and tell us all about it!

Posted by: wallflower on March 9, 2004 03:16 PM

*hugs krixy*

Posted by: Mikey2 on March 9, 2004 04:12 PM

That sign sooooo rawks!! superkewl!

krixy, just lie back and think of...well, you know what! Relax and enjoy a keanufest until you're feeling better. I know you're the boss and all, there any way you can stay home and recuperate a bit?

Sending huge healthy thought-waves your way...!

Posted by: bakednudel on March 9, 2004 04:13 PM

*serves Krix some Chicken Noodle soup* Okay my last trip to L.A. cost me a total (both ways)
$110.00 That's just gas alone...OUCH! SO I'll be staying home for a while LOL Hey Krix when you feel better, come visit me!! It's heating up here and the lake is calling for you! *hugz*
Get better sweetie!!

Posted by: Catz on March 9, 2004 07:03 PM

Feel better girl. :)

Posted by: kat on March 9, 2004 07:10 PM

It was very sweet of Becky to remember Krix in her disapointment not to be, thank you Becky! Everyone going...hope you have a great time!...will be thinking of you...oh, and reviews would be much appreciated. Yes and Zen honey, no need to convert to gas at price per gallon (I wouldn't want you to strain), I'll be flying to LA when I go.

Posted by: shelz on March 9, 2004 07:59 PM

So sorry you are feeling yuckie krix! Get better soon! I'm sending Neo over to massage your lungs or whatever it is that's making you feel cruddy.
No fun to be sick. Get some rest, watch Keanu movies over and overand eat lots of ice cream! That always helps!

Oh and don't smack me, but I filled up the other day for $1.51 a gallon. Reasons to move to the midwest I tell ya! But then you have pretty moutains, awesome weather and you're a hop and skip away from Becky gigs!

Feel better!

Posted by: Jena on March 9, 2004 08:07 PM

Aw krix! Sorry to year you're still feeling under the weather. What you need is a steamin' hot bowl of chicken soup. Feel better soon!

Posted by: sta-cie on March 9, 2004 09:55 PM

don t see ,don t take, it s the refrain of cow boy, it s certainly your next film,do you like this ?

Posted by: christelle on March 10, 2004 07:04 AM

Hey; Anyone catch their performance on Sharon Osbourne's show this morning? Sharon asked Keanu if he'd do ozzy's life story movie and come for a casting call on her casting couch ;) Nice performance though I still don't love her voice--still a nice performance to watch:D

Posted by: stacey717 on March 10, 2004 01:18 PM

ohh, krix! still off? i told you - a lot of herb tea and pozitive images.

you knew about who!

Posted by: vika on March 10, 2004 02:29 PM

Thanks everyone. I took the day off from work and my lesson, slept all day and then caught becky on Sharon.

Posted by: krix on March 10, 2004 06:59 PM

Keanu the you think he could stretch far enough for the role of "Ozzy?" Sharon you flirt!

Posted by: shelz on March 10, 2004 09:00 PM
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