November 06, 2002
One Life to Sim

So, "what's going on in krix's little delusional fantasy world?" you ask...

Well, previously I found myself with paying for my *ahem*...friendly ways and having a child out of wedlock, much to Robert's amusement.
Fink, he must be advising Keanu...

I pee'd in a cup for this?

...who insisted on performing a paternity test.

Bret proves himself to be a gentleman, though, and offers to make an honest woman out of me.

The bathroom. Such a romantic.

He buttered me up with candy first, but I would have accepted anyway.
I mean, c' guitar lessons!

Say Daddy!

He adores little Amelie (named after the movie that was playing in the background during our throes of passion).

ROCK a bye, baby!

Our parenting skills may be a little unorthodox, but we get by.
Who cares what the neighbors think! The only way to get her back to sleep is to play some serious "Rock-a-bye".

Say Mommy!

Gosh...she's so darn cute....when she's not screaming....which isn't very often.
Both our fun and social levels have plummeted. Who knew there'd be so much maintanence involved? The damn robot isn't pulling its weight as nanny, either.
I think I'm going to have to invest in an expansion pack, SimKrix is in dire need of a trip to the spa...

simulated | from inside the mind of krix at November 06, 2002 10:04 AM .

okay... this is way too mexican!
And I love it! hehe

Posted by: Bea on November 6, 2002 12:00 PM

Bwah! All this needs is a little dog running across the bottom of the screen...ever watch Indian theatre?

Posted by: Nicole on November 6, 2002 12:26 PM

lmao.. my kat and keanu have decided against children and opted for 2 cats instead. we party, play music together and go shopping in town. our lives our pure bliss until that damn dishwasher breaks which is like every frikin day.

Posted by: kat on November 6, 2002 07:11 PM

Haven't the 3 days gone by yet...?

I decided not to have a baby with Keanu.....yet!

Posted by: Keanuette on November 8, 2002 06:17 AM

Dammit, krix, I can't believe you had BRET's baby, not keanu's. Not complaining, though, 'cause that means keanu's still waiting to meet ME!! :)

Posted by: Lori on November 9, 2002 06:43 PM
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