May 26, 2002
To Lori

I'm on page 6 of the Baudrillard and my head hasn't exploded yet.

Yay me.

tribe | from inside the mind of krix at May 26, 2002 12:56 PM .

Krix, You can see what I was talking about can't you? It's something you have to wrap your brain around, but while reading it you remember lines and phrases from the Matrix, and it all makes sense. Like when Ke is talking about Icons? And The desert of the Real". You must have finished that last Gibson novel, was it good? later, Rhonda

Posted by: Rhonda on May 26, 2002 02:09 PM

Whoa, krix,I haven't summoned the courage to start on my copy yet. I'm about to read Neuromancer now, then maybe S&S. Dude, so many books, so little time!

Posted by: Lori on May 26, 2002 07:38 PM


now we can expect you to break it down for us in a daily review......right?


Posted by: tess on May 26, 2002 10:41 PM

the Baudri-what? i lead such the sheltered life.

Posted by: kd on May 26, 2002 11:33 PM

kd, Jean Baudbrillard's "Simulacra and Simulation". It's kind of a postmodern philosophy. A lot of the themes in The Matrix can be found in it.


Lori, oooo, you'll love Neuromancer. Be sure to get Count Zero and Mona Lisa Overdrive, too they all tie in together.

Rhonda, Yes..I immediately noticed the "desert of the real" on the first page! Jeez, it's a tough read. Maybe because it's translated? I don't usually have this much trouble wrapping my brain around something. I will perservere, though. As far a the Gibson I'm reading, I finished the ones I mentioned to Lori above, and am still reading Burning Chrome, which is 10 short stories. I have about 3 left.

Posted by: krix on May 27, 2002 08:57 AM

Just to show you what a lemming Iam to this man, I read Sun Tzu's The Art Of War... No small feat. It's translated too. of course , but it deals with millitary strategies, battlefield maneuvers, and how to defeat your enemy, If you're a General. I guess it has become the corporate raider's Bible on Wall Street---IS THERE NO END TO WHAT I WILL NOT DO FOR THIS MAN?

Posted by: Rhonda on May 27, 2002 12:26 PM

krix, I have CZ and MLO sitting on my bookshelf, too, waiting to be read. AND Burning Chrome, which I was about to start, but decided to do the novel thing first. So, maybe I'll get too caught up in Gibson's world to make the leap to Baudrillard's anytime soon. Or maybe I'll just add it to the list of books I've started but haven't yet finished (something I NEVER used to do, but now seem to do with alarming frequency -- I wonder if that's something I owe to my keanufandom -- or is that comment supposed to go with another post?).

Posted by: Lori on May 27, 2002 06:55 PM

Read the trilogy first. Then use the Burning Chrome stories as a break from S&S.

Posted by: krix on May 27, 2002 07:35 PM

krix, totally bodacious idea, dude (sorry, just watched B&T again for the millionth time!). I SHOULD be asleep, but I'm going to start Neuromancer now...

Posted by: Lori on May 28, 2002 12:04 AM

_Neuromancer_ kicks serious boo-tay. One interesting thing to keep in mind is that it was published back in 1984 (!). It's not often that a single book can really touch off and inspire an entire genre -- but it did.

I didn't care as much for the sequels, but diff'rent strokes . . .

Posted by: Craig (motorcycle nerd) on May 28, 2002 02:53 PM

Yep, boo-tay gettin' kicked all about; I'm somewhere along chapter 5 now. Hella good book so far.

Posted by: Lori on May 28, 2002 03:22 PM
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