June 06, 2002
Rushian Matrix Revisited
He'd love to spend the night in Zion He's been a long while in Babylon He'd like a lover's wings to fly on To a tropic isle of Avalon ~Rush, Digital Man

I got a copy of the Rushian Matrix sync yesterday.
It's pretty cool. I'm not a big Rush fan or anything so I didn't know most of the songs but I still enjoyed it. After watching The Matrix so many times, it kind of gives a fresh look. There were a lot of times I caught something visually that I hadn't noticed before. (If I'd took notes yesterday, I'd remember exactly when. But I didn't so I don't. You'll just have to trust me on this.)
Plus the Sync-ing in general was pretty cool. The opening scene rocked. So did the Dojo fight scene.

As I was watching I found myself waxing nostaligic about MTV in the 80's.
Gather 'round kiddies...MTV used to play....*gasp*...music videos.
It's true.
Like, 24 hours a day, they played them.
And the bands? Some of them weren't even good looking!
I'm not making this up.

Anyway, I give the The Rushian Matrix a thumbs up.

Go the the website and email Dave to see about getting your own copy.

red pill | from inside the mind of krix at June 06, 2002 10:51 AM .

Ain't it the truth? I even remember the days before MTV, when the only way to see a band "perform" on TV was to watch 'em lipsync on American Bandstand or some such show. Or if you were lucky, you could catch them actually playing on Saturday Night Live... Ah, back in the day when I used to listen to the radio just in case they played that song, since I couldn't afford to buy the album yet, or even the single!

Who's gettin' old? Not me! In two weeks, I'll be going to three concerts within 5 days. Could an old person do that? Weeeeee!

Posted by: Lori on June 7, 2002 07:17 AM

Hey Lori, do you remember a show called The Midnight Special? God, I'm really dating myself here, well, they had bands--really good bands. It was the only way I remember seeing "The Rock Music", as my Parents would call it, until MTV came along. gawd, I feel old.

Posted by: Rhonda on June 7, 2002 02:34 PM

Yeah, I know about that show, but never saw it. We're not old, you know. We're experienced!

tee hee!

Posted by: Lori on June 7, 2002 03:55 PM
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