December 06, 2004
quite the package...


Not only is Keanu hot, but he's also cool, beloved and apparently fecking loaded.

it wahs | from inside the mind of krix at December 06, 2004 11:39 AM .

An embarrassment of riches. Who needs loaded when you're hot, cool and beloved?

Posted by: Zen on December 6, 2004 12:35 PM

Well, Zen, that's an extra which gives you freedom. And don't even go with the old line "he's rich, but is he happy"? (just read somewhere...). For goodness' sake, don't be silly: try and be both sad and penniless, and then tell me.
Anyway, when I read such reports about Keanu, I always congratulate myself on my good taste. I know, a bit self-centred, but Keanu is the evidence I have a natural talent for choosing the best.

Posted by: breeze on December 6, 2004 01:07 PM

His random acts of kindness and generosity that we will never hear of are just as beautiful.

Posted by: Chianti on December 6, 2004 01:08 PM

OMG! how can he stays so normal, so charismatic and at (least) so hard-working? just be yourself, keanu!

Posted by: vika on December 6, 2004 01:22 PM

just right Vika!I also am very enthused about him still being exactly the way he is! but if he were otherwise none of us would be writing all this here, would we?
to put it into very few words: we all know why we like him and I just think that we all are on the same wave length. Love to Ke! Love to you! smile

Posted by: susan on December 6, 2004 01:32 PM

Don't show me that pic! The underside of his thigh is the apple of my eye.

Posted by: Keanuette on December 6, 2004 01:40 PM

Ditto what Chianti said :-)

Posted by: Lori L on December 6, 2004 02:26 PM

Can I have that under my tree this year?? Just kidding of course...well maybe not! I've allways loved your work Ke, and I know that I'll love it for years to come.

Posted by: Rose on December 6, 2004 03:07 PM

LMAO@KEANUETTE You are sooooooooooo funny girlfriend.

hugs and God bless

Posted by: Janice on December 6, 2004 03:27 PM

He is so the (Mr.) right man for my daughter. Do you think her being 25 yrs younger than Ke is a major problem?? LOL He can call me a few years of course. I can just see the beautiful grandchildren......Is it so wrong to want this for her?

Posted by: Parsippanynj on December 6, 2004 04:27 PM

LoL why, does your daughter like Keanu?

Hehe "and aparently fecking loaded"... nice

Posted by: Cornflakes on December 6, 2004 06:42 PM

It's times like this I wish I had his email, so I could email him a link to that ranking thing to see him smile...
of course there are many OTHER times I wish I had his email, but we won't talk about those.

Posted by: Cornflakes on December 6, 2004 06:51 PM

Never has "fecking loaded" look so hot and be so cool...............only KEANU!!!!! Keep going Baby!!!

I wish I had his email too! I would intrigue his interest uh, some how! hee, hee

Posted by: chabella on December 6, 2004 07:44 PM

love that word fecking...!!

ummmm... i am, completely unprovable of course,
the reciepient of keanu's ramdon acts of kindness...

through a mutual friend, who i havent' really kept in touch with and i have no ikeida if the one does either...) that man actually did a very nice thing for me, a person who a) he didn't know) and b) whatever b is... anyway...
he paid for me to have some special treatment in the pamper your friends friends you don't know category... (people do t h a t all the time!)
it was very nice and especially because i was working 7 days a week (teaching web design on weekends in Glendale) and was extremely frazzled exhausted padded.....
see! he was reaching out to me all along!!!

it was really fun having him beep through on the call waiting while i was on the other line!
oops! i tried to make an emergency break through... *sigh!*

Posted by: wanda on December 6, 2004 09:02 PM

Seems to me that pampering and protecting your friends becomes necessary when there is no other alternative being provided for safe passage...although the friend of a friend thing is reaching a bit.

Did you give a shout out to your "homies" like they deserve? Did you give out a little fan girl squeal before or after the pampering started? Why were you trying to make an emergency breakthrough...was it successful?

...just wondering.

Posted by: lizzie on December 6, 2004 10:58 PM

No wonder the man played Budha! He is so cool and we don't need to know how much money is on his bank account to like him!

Posted by: Chris on December 7, 2004 01:48 AM

I'm told that today is an important Buddhist celebration day - so this is quite a timely news piece. Material wealth isn't something that the teachings of Buddha seek out, and we all know that Reeves doesn't flash his cash in a personal glorification way. Good luck to him and to the charities he supports with that fortune.

Posted by: bea_herenow on December 7, 2004 03:05 AM

the fan girl squeal! ))))
i do that well!
i think i've got that down pretty good!

he is wonderfully made... and from my personal experience i know he is genuine... inside and out!

Posted by: wanda on December 7, 2004 07:33 AM

K E A N U on the bleeping phone!!!!
actually i just was very patient.
can you imagine... "i'm back... yyah... that was keanu on the phone..." OH.... really????
tha'ts nice....
MGMGJGJEOPgt4kl;rnbrgo4wv;gjvvgfj pes'
well... needless to say!

there was/is no alternative or substitute for the one.... that moment was/ is very important to me... very spicy....

Posted by: wanda on December 7, 2004 08:16 AM

Bodhi Day ... about Dec 8.


Posted by: op cit on December 7, 2004 10:50 AM

I'd say his package is loaded!

Oh wait, you were talking about money....ooops!

Posted by: keanufan43 on December 7, 2004 02:30 PM

Say WHAT? Keanu? ON THE PHONE? When??? I'm awake now, all of the sudden!

As for his money, I read something the other day that reminded me of Keanu: " The best thing a man can do for his culture when he is rich is to endeavor to carry out those schemes which he entertained when he was poor"- Henry David Thoreau...
I'd say that Keanu does that pretty damn well. Well, actually I don't know if he was ever actually poor, but whatever you get the point.

Posted by: Cornflakes on December 7, 2004 10:34 PM

"Look to your health; and if you have it, praise God, and value it next to a good conscience; for health is the second blessing that we mortals are capable of; a blessing that money cannot buy." - Izaak Walton

Posted by: lizzie on December 8, 2004 09:24 AM
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