March 20, 2002
Still more on the Dressage

So, I open up my email this morning and find that Sparrowhawk is trying to kill me.

No, really.

Just look at these pictures she sent to contribute to the "Dressage" project...

Guhhhhh...*blink* *blink*. He must have been making adjustments as I previously noted, because this is SO to the right, I think I need to take a cold shower.

This one is inconclusive, but good grief....
Is anyone else totally enthralled by the belly scar? I would willingly eat aerosol cheese off of that tummy of his. And I hate aerosol cheese.
I also love all the pics from this shoot because he has that little paunch at his sides. I just want to grab him.
And of course, leather pants....rwowrrrrr.
Remember the No Foo Foo soaps I mentioned a while back?
Well there is one that is leather scented, and when I first used it, I was all "Whoa, this smells like porn."
(The good porn, the East German kind that you have to know someone behind the counter to get access to)
But I bet next time I use it, I'm going to be thinking of these pants..

Also in my inbox this morning, I got a neat link from Ana in Brazil.
She's a big anime fan and found this character from Samurai X, Saitou, that reminds her of Keanu.
I have to agree.

She sent me a page with a bunch of pictures.

Go check it out
and see what you think.

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