January 08, 2003
Dear Netflix subscriber

I don't know who you are, but your ass needs to return the copy of Koyaanisqatsi that I have been waiting over 57 days for.
I can't watch Powaqqatsi until I see the first one again.
If I get my hands on Naqoyqatsi before you, rest assured I will hold onto it just out of spite.

And to whomever it is that has caused Me & Will to be completely unavailable at Netflix.....

Bite me.

off topic | from inside the mind of krix at January 08, 2003 01:24 PM .

Oh! I had that with Hardball at my videoshop! In the end, I was so desperate I even posted a comment about it here, hoping that ANY fan living in my country would read it & return it! It sucked! I was very near the point of literally seducing the spotty kid behind the counter... I got all flirty and all just so he would give me extra fast service... He still gives me hopeful looks, but of course, after seeing Conor he doesn't stand a chance with me anymore! HA! I love being a tramp sometimes :-)

Posted by: Julie on January 8, 2003 02:20 PM

ok, i know you were just there, but come back tee hee, a test to take a test to take!! lol

Posted by: kat on January 8, 2003 04:04 PM

Haha, I was taking it as you were commenting.
I'm "Apathetic"
I'd post the results as an entry, but the graphics are just awful.

Posted by: krix on January 8, 2003 04:07 PM
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