May 17, 2003
hiding in a rabbit hole

I'm probably going to catch Reloaded one more time this weekend before I really get into talking about it.

I'm thinking of the themes and implications of the film constantly, though.

So much so, that I haven't had an appetite (except a craving for cake) and haven't really even slept well for a couple days.

It's kind of freaking me out.

Anyway, since I know there's enough out there to keep everyone busy, I'm going to try and take the weekend off.

it wahs | from inside the mind of krix at May 17, 2003 12:57 PM .

I just got back. I can't wait till you babble about this movie because I still need to collect my thoughts.

Talk about a complete mind fuck if you really take the words and what they are trying to say to heart.

Liked this movie for totally different reason's then the first one.


Posted by: C.C. on May 17, 2003 01:13 PM

I can't come visit you no more...:(

I won't see Reloaded until Wednesday...

Posted by: Keanuette on May 17, 2003 04:27 PM

This is off topic a bit, but I just wanted to blog about it and see if anyone else had the same impression.

I didn't watch any promo stuff before I saw the movie. No Leno. No Regis. No MTV. Nothing. I wanted the movie and everything that it contained to be completely fresh to me. I then watched everything the next day and then went and saw the movie again that night.

I have never see so much promotion for one movie in all my life! Some interviews I actually felt sorry for Keanu because he looked exhausted and I'm sure he had answered that same question fifty times that day. Take Leno for example, it was on a Thursday after a whole week of promo, and he looked completely wiped out. Normally his interviews on Leno are very good, or better than most, cause he has a nice rapport with Jay. He seemed drained this time.

I did love the 45 minutes with the cast and Joel on Charlie Rose. He was totally endearing on Regis, and we can probably thank his comfy apartment in NY for that!

Overall though, I have to say I love "The View" interview the best. He was funny, witty, charming, ect, ect, ect. I also noticed that in comparison he does better in a group interview rather than a one-on-one interview having all the attention focused on him. I don't think I've seem him smile so much as he has with this movie promotion, and I'm looking forward to seeing more of that smile when November rolls around with the Revolutions promos!

And BTW, I love Reloaded, the new characters, the humanization of the original cast, and the surprising twist in the story. I've found that with seeing it a few times that layer upon layer of new meanings appear, and the whole concept grows on you. I hope everyone gives it a chance before being all negative, as it seems that there is a lot of negative feedback out there. It's not meant to be a carbon copy of the first film, but a continuation of the tale.

Two thumbs up to all who participated in the making of this masterpiece!

Posted by: anne on May 18, 2003 09:52 AM

Have a nice 'relax' weekend babe!!! I'm working on sunday :-(

As for the movie... Whoa! Negative; There was not enough Neo in it ;-D
I liked the scene with the oracle most, I really felt sorry that she is gone... She has such a strong screen-presence! And I TOTALLY fell in love with the key-maker. *I know this sounds a bit 'odd', but I did* I wanted to hug him and protect him & felt all motherly, which is kind of strange considering he's probably 40 years older then me! :-) And Neo in the moonlight was the best *Keanu-shot* in my humble opinion.
I must see it again, though, since I was so focussed on all the sets, action, Keanu himself, new shots, old shots (trailer) that I did not get the picture as a whole, and when I remember it, it seems a bit fragmented (but that was also the editting, maybe a bit too much in the end) I wanted to see the whole Trinity fighting scene, not snippets! :-) I'm having the same thing as to 'themes popping up in my head' as you described in this post, it does not really 'connect' in a nice little frame yet. But I think that's the power of the movie, as it was with part 1, days later you think 'oh yeah, that was in it too!' That's the thing that makes you want to see it again!
The 'fragmentation' is a bit my own fault also, because 1; I don't read the subtitles to 'enhance' my English skills, but miss stuff because of that sometimes, and 2. I got very, very drunk afterwards :-D All in all it was a brilliant night, and I'm so happy that this is a trilogy!!!!!

Anne is right btw, and it also makes me wonder; I love every little Keanu-moment, but what if you're not a fan (???? I'll never get that). I think some people might get pretty bored with it, & I hope it won't backlash...
Oh well, enough rambling for one post :-)

Posted by: Julie on May 18, 2003 11:27 AM

Julie - I thought about your question of whether people who are not die-hard Keanu fans will get tired of this. No, I hardly think so. The tried and true Matrix fans were the ones that showed up to see the movie within the first 24 hours, a Keanu fan or not, and basically made Reloaded break box office records (check out for proof).

Secondly, and I warn you to not go here ( ) if you have not seen it yet, but do go if you'd like a little help seeing through the basic ideas of the movie and want to dive deeper into where the rabbit hole may be leading us all to. Only Relolutions will tell. Granted, these are ideas that Matrix fans have come up with, but I do think they hit a correct cord. I'd love to see Larry and Andy's faces if they were to read what is there. I wonder if they'd be grinning ear to ear in approveal that someone out there is getting all this, or wondering why they didn't think of that themselves.

Posted by: Anne on May 18, 2003 01:00 PM

thanx, anne, for recommending It helps. Especially when you're attending to a chore, or taking a shower, and movie flashbacks start the query scenario. (Maybe it's just me, but if something impacts me, especially on a subconscious level, dissect/analysis/process mode kicks into gear. Reloaded does that (which is why I'll see it several more times before it is DVD available.)

again thanx!
and krix, hope you have a terrific Reloaded weekend off!

Posted by: phoenix IX on May 18, 2003 03:03 PM

Oi! Links! :-) Thank you Anne!!!! :-)
And it's always great to see Keanu at no.1 on anything! :-) Ok, I'm off to explore the second link... Wish me luck :-)

Posted by: Julie on May 18, 2003 03:40 PM
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