February 03, 2004


Kaz sent me a video file over the weekend and I've decided to go ahead and post it for a limited time. It's of Keanu and Jada doing a interview for an Australian TV show, Rove Live.

Here's the catch....

It's only going to be available for a day or so and you have to have this information for the login screen to get it:

user: vision
pass: halo

Please don't post the link and password to other sites, but feel free to link directly to this entry [permalink] .
I ask this because when the clip comes down I can update this entry, but I can not fix dead links from other sites and it causes unnecessary traffic.

Also, PLEASE don't stream it, right click and save it. The server really isn't set up to stream and you will slow it down for everybody.

Keanu and Jada on Rove Live - Real Media file

It's a cute interview (done for Revolutions promo).
The interviewer is sort of a dork.

Again, big love to kaz.

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