January 29, 2002
Bad Ferret!

I don't know who this guy is, or what naughty thing the ferret did, but it just seemed fitting.

I haven't had my coffee yet. So, pardon my bitchiness but...

If you are thinking of sending me an email as part of a gigantic mass forward, DON'T.
I don't want any surveys or jokes or "inspiring" e-cards. If you send me one of these things, I'm going to delete it. If it has an attachment, I'm going to block it, because that's how viruses are propagated.
Now, I'm NOT talking about individual emails, where you say "Hey krix, hows it going? I came across this link/quote/picture and I thought you'd dig it"
That's cool, in fact, I don't get enough of those. But I have no desire to cut and paste some long-ass link, go to a site with a bunch of pop-up ads, or download some mysterious ZIP file to open up some stupid eCard that says "Happy Tuesday! I think you're SWELL!!" If you think I'm swell, just send the thought in a plain text email. I'll believe you. I don't need an animated frog telling me. Besides, if you sent that same frog to 2 dozen other people...well, that's just tacky.


I mean it.


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