April 07, 2004
why isn't there a drummer store where we can just go pick one out?

Vibemerchant news, click below if you're interested...

So, last night I played with a drummer for the very first time. It was fun!
He actually showed up, which is a big plus. He's very powerful, and fast. Very metal-influenced, which is great for some stuff, but he's going to have to turn it down a notch for a lot of the rest. He's from Seattle and generally a good guy, really enthusiastic which is also good. He seems really anxious to start gigging, which makes me nervous.

We're going to keep looking for "the one" (note the lowercase) though.

Oh, my fuck.

I'm in a band.

off topic | from inside the mind of krix at April 07, 2004 11:07 AM .

Finally, a drummer! This is most excellent news. But you forgot to mention the most important thing. Is he cute? ;D

Posted by: Zen on April 7, 2004 11:49 AM

No, but that's not important at this point. I'd play with Baron Harkonnen if he could keep a beat and clicked with the band musically.

Posted by: krix on April 7, 2004 02:01 PM

Congratulations Krix...great news!!!

Posted by: shelz on April 7, 2004 03:18 PM
We're going to keep looking for "the one" (note the lowercase) though.

I tell you krix, you kill me so much...LOL

She's in a baaaaaaaaand. Yeah baby!

Posted by: Keanuette on April 7, 2004 04:02 PM

yup...your in a band all right.... and you rock!!!!!

Posted by: roi on April 7, 2004 04:24 PM

whoo-hoo!! It's been 30 years since I knew somebody in a band!!!

oh, and Baron Harkonnen? I think he's trying to get on Average Joe...

*fingers still crossed*

Posted by: bakednudel on April 7, 2004 04:57 PM

Oi! Some good news at last!
But, you took zillions of pics, and I didn't even notice it! *slaps herself*
The happy meal toys... 'activity' was brilliant, LOL!
The guy is kind of cute, and looks as if he 'would' be in a band. Kind of has the 'professional metal-drummer' thing going on, in a good way :-)

AND! To give you even more of a 'reality'-scare... ;-)

You're not only in a band, you have groupies already, too! ;-D
Ah, the pressure, eh? :-)

Posted by: Julie! on April 7, 2004 05:51 PM

woooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!! major coolness ; )

Posted by: tess on April 7, 2004 06:14 PM

woooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!! major coolness ; )

Posted by: tess on April 7, 2004 06:14 PM

Julie, I had the same response! pictures! where was I? who knew? did I miss it?

I'm all caught up now on the pics, though.

Posted by: bakednudel on April 8, 2004 03:13 AM

OMG! the pressure Krix!!...but will be worth it for the groupies don't ya think? ;-)

...Happy Meal toys gettin' busy, what a concept!! I missed it the first time...I'm afraid I was caught up in the moment.

I'm likin' this reality already!

Posted by: shelz on April 8, 2004 08:13 AM

Oh my fuck. ROFLMAO!

Remember ... oh my heck? I used to say that all the time and laugh my head off. Oh my fuck is better, only I can't really say that at work. :)

Posted by: sta-cie on April 9, 2004 06:12 PM


Posted by: sta-cie on April 9, 2004 06:13 PM

Heyyyyy krix, I finally got round to downloading the always_on.mp3!! OOOOOOOHH! You guys ROCK ROCK ROCK!!!

*jumping up and down* So where do I sign up for the groupie thing?? ;-D
And do you guys plan to have Vibemerchants t-shirts? I'd like a size Small please, with the doggie on the front... Oh, I can see it already...! Of course the list of American tour dates is going to be on the back! Weeeee!!!

A big smooch to you and don't be afraid of the gigging... You'll do just fine, you guys sound so cool together! Lucky you--to be playing with two cute guys like Roi and Dave! As for the new drummer... uh, he looks 'eager' enough, that's for sure... I hope Vibemerchants find 'the one' soon!

*goes off to practice bra-throwing*

Posted by: Maddi on April 10, 2004 04:23 AM
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