May 06, 2004
empty v gnus

MTV news encapsulates what's up with Keanu currently on their movie news page:

Pretty soon you'll be able to add Keanu Reeves to the list of actors who have starred in movies based on one of the late Phillip K. Dick's sci-fi stories, a list that includes Arnold Schwarzenegger ("Total Recall"), Tom Cruise ("Minority Report") and Ben Affleck ("Paycheck"). Similar to his technique on "Waking Life," director Richard Linklater ("Dazed and Confused") plans to shoot live-action scenes for "A Scanner Darkly" with Reeves, Winona Ryder, Robert Downey Jr. and Woody Harrelson and then have the footage turned into animation. Reeves will next be seen with Vince Vaughn in "Thumbsucker" and in next year's "Constantine," based on DC Comics' "Hellblazer." ... Reeves, meanwhile, will receive an honorary award for Best Action Movie Star at the upcoming World Stunt Awards. The ceremony, hosted by Carmen Electra and Dennis Hopper, will air May 26 on Spike TV with "Kill Bill, Vol. 1," "Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl," "Bad Boys II," "Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines" and "The Last Samurai" among the top nominees. ...

Also, an article on Polyphonic Spree that mentions Thumbsucker:

[Polyphonic Spree's Tim] DeLaughter is also scoring a movie by independent filmmaker Mike Mills called "Thumbsucker," which is based on a novel by Walter Kirn. "It's about a 17-year-old who still sucks his thumb, so the music is really playful and fun. It's got some hints of the Polyphonic Spree, but there's also stuff that sounds nothing like Polyphonic."

Still no other news on the release of Thumbsucker.
I'd hoped that it would be ready for Cannes, but it isn't listed.

media spot | from inside the mind of krix at May 06, 2004 11:29 AM .

Hey Krixer,

Looove the site. I came by this today.

It's a slogan creator and all you gotta do is type in a word and voila! You get a slogan...and it's quite funny at times. Just thought you'd like it.

I typed in Keanu and I got: KEANU, THE OTHER WHITE MEAT.

Still hurting from the laughter...

Luv ya,

Posted by: Jade on May 6, 2004 01:02 PM

Krix, they have been re-shooting scenes for "Thumb"
after the Cannes schedule was announced, so...
The next big thing here in Europe is Venice, in August.

Posted by: Niobe on May 6, 2004 03:11 PM

Oi, Niobe, you're forgetting that 'other' big thing in Europe! :-D
Namely: "The celebration of the arrival of the RevolutionsDVD movie-marathon festival, held in Amsterdam", LOL!

Although I doubt that the studio's would consider the movie-festival at my house as a venue to hold the European premiere of 'Thumbsucker' ;-D
However, if they did, you would *ALL* be invited! :-)

Posted by: Julie! on May 6, 2004 03:53 PM


I got "Make It A Keanu Night" when I went to Jade's slogan generator above.

heh heh

all righty, well I'll see y'all tomorrow morning...

Posted by: Nudel on May 6, 2004 04:32 PM

Heh, heh, heh! nudel, I got Leggo my Keanu! So just slowly back away from the man, girl. ;D

Posted by: Zen on May 6, 2004 05:23 PM

How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Keanu?

I volunteer to find out! :p

Posted by: Melissa on May 6, 2004 06:18 PM

First I put in "Keanu" and I got:
"Keanu take me away!"

Then I put in "Shelz" and I got:
"Run for the Shelz"

Do you think it's trying to tell me something???

*adds link to "favorites" for business purposes*

Posted by: shelz on May 6, 2004 08:17 PM

ok Jade, youve found an awesome site...mine said

"Life Should Taste As Good As Keanu."

how much more magical can ya get ? hehe


back to the MOVIE part of this thread....anyone have any other info on the 'A SCANNER DARKLY' shoot ? i saw that its set to start May 17th, in Austin and will last approx 5 weeks....BUT, anyone know anything NEW....say IF..Keanu, Winona or Robert D Jr will be in that area during the whole filming time, or anything like that ? hoping to take a small road trip down to Austin, to maybe catch a glimpse of 'The One' in action :D...just curious...thanxies

Posted by: Dawni on May 6, 2004 09:37 PM

hey Krix, just curious

heard anything about this newest film 'Tripoli


i DO know its been 'announced' which im thinking means..nothings final, at this time...but have ya heard anything about it ?

just wondering...

Posted by: Dawni on May 6, 2004 11:00 PM

My slogan is "Exceedingly Good Keanu"! [I KNEW he would be!] :)
OK, I couldn't help myself, I did it again and got "Taste the Keanu". Yum!
I'm outta control ... "The Right Keanu at the Right Time."
Somebody stop me ... "Let Your Keanu do the Walking."
Whew, that was fun. *also adds link to favorites*

Posted by: sta-cie on May 7, 2004 12:22 AM

Haha, that link is addictive indeed...

First I got "Everything We Do is Driven by Keanu". How appropriate for the Keanuvision-community is that?!?
Then I got "Unzip a Keanu"... Okay ladies, no comment necessary there, I think.
But I like the last one best... "A Keanu is Forever".

Posted by: Maddi on May 7, 2004 01:29 AM

Okay, this is addictive. Either that or I'm using any excuse possible not to start work.

Whatever you're into, get into Keanu
Hungry? Why wait? Grab a Keanu.
We're with the Keanu
There's no wrong way to eat a Keanu
You're never alone with a Keanu
Snap into a slim Keanu
It's *different* in a Keanu

And my personal favourite,
Sweet as the moment when the Keanu went "Pop".

Posted by: Zen on May 7, 2004 03:59 AM

Pardon me, do you have any Grey Keanu?
Naughty, but Keanu...

When it is generated, you really have to kind of chuckle out loud, don't you?

Will Thumbsucker ever come to a theater near me? Ever? It's been forever since they wrapped filming, hasn't it?

Posted by: Tawny on May 7, 2004 06:22 AM

LOL@"Unzip a Keanu"!

Thanks for the link about Tripoli Dawni...I knew it was out there, but didn't know much about it. Ridley Scott..ahem, I mean SIR Ridley Scott...he is the director and/or producer of Gladiator (which I loved), and Blade Runner (I've seen this SO many times in college - I am cult follower)yes?...and a ton of other good stuff which I haven't seen like Black Hawk Down.

Plot of Tripoli will be interesting, especially to me because of history aspects. I hope this develops for him, would be quite good I should think.

As for Thumbsucker, too bad about Cannes...guess Venice or Amsterdam w/Julie! will havta do LOL!

Meahwhile back in Austin....

Posted by: shelz on May 7, 2004 09:38 AM

Cool link - thanks Jade....;)

Posted by: Keanuette on May 7, 2004 10:09 AM

"There's no wrong way to eat a Keanu"


Thanks for the fun link for sure, Jade.

I haven't heard anything more about Tripoli since it was announced.

Posted by: krix on May 7, 2004 10:30 AM

What's in YOUR keanu?

Posted by: cornflakes on May 7, 2004 05:19 PM

Ok I'm a bit late but I couldn't help myself...the two favorite I got are
"Half the Keanu, all the taste!" (no remark)
"Gee, your Keanu smells terrific." :)

Posted by: Toriane on May 8, 2004 12:31 AM

I'm late with this one too, but it was brilliant.

The first one I got was 'Keanu Really Satisfies'.

What can I say?

Posted by: squirrel on May 10, 2004 05:28 AM
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