November 21, 2002
site blather

kd reminded me how important is it to do backup, so I have spent most of the afternoon slowly downloading bits and pieces of the site. While I was doing that, I noticed that keanuvision was up well past 50% of its total hosting space, so I am doing some housecleaning. I dumped most of the MP3s that were doing nothing but taking up space for use in rotation on the MISC page. I don't know if anyone even checks them out. For right now I have an MP3 of a song by Beat Symphony called Poster of Keanu Reeves. I got it off Napster way back when, and I've actually tried to find out if the band had a CD or anything. Anyway, I'm going to go ahead and keep it available since I don't think it's easily found anywhere else. Plus it's cute.
I've also decided that I won't be adding any more wallpaper albums to the wallpaper page. All the new ones will be found here in the creations category. Someone remind me to put a note to that effect on the wallpaper page, mkay?
I've been hanging on to the past calendars, also but at the end of the year all of those will go by the wayside in order to make some space and I will start over for 2003.
Lastly, I think I'm going to delete the old blogspot blog so I can dump a bunch of image files that are only used there. So if you have a sentimental attachment to it, go give it one last look, because its days are numbered. I don't think anyone goes there anymore, and it's just taking up their server space, too. There's going to be some sorting involved so I don't dump any pics that are in imported entries.
There may be some broken image links and unavailable pop-up pix in the older archives while I sort things out. I'll try not to mess things up too badly.

I'm smoking like a fiend today.

the site | from inside the mind of krix at November 21, 2002 03:33 PM .

Sounds that, like Johnny, you've got to dump a chunk of memory.

Hope you won't need to meet up with a dolphin unless his name is Rupert!

Posted by: Ann on November 21, 2002 04:15 PM

Isn't today the Great American Smokeout?
I'm freaking out for want of a smoke.
I've been smoke free for a month and a half and I still feel like I could jump out of my skin.
Give me strength........................

Posted by: Rhonda on November 21, 2002 04:28 PM

HAha! Is it? Ah, well....

Yep, dumping the blogspot blog IS sort of like dumping my childhood.
I am SO paying for my lack of organization right now.

Posted by: krix on November 21, 2002 04:53 PM

OK, going thru and randomly deleting big files is not the answer....heh.
Well, I freed up about 20 megs so I think I'll stop before I ruin something important. I'm just going to have to watch it and start optimizing my image files.

Posted by: krix on November 21, 2002 05:43 PM

oh no, not the old blog. don't kill it, krix! love you mean it...

Posted by: Lori on November 21, 2002 09:14 PM's a dead blog walkin'. Feel free to archive it. I'm going to.

Posted by: krix on November 21, 2002 09:23 PM

by changing your publish settings in the blogger interface, you can FTP the blog to your server space here and keep your archives. never lose archives, you will miss them at some point, is my philosophy.

if you need more space, get more space. having all your archives is a good thing.

Posted by: kd on November 21, 2002 11:09 PM

I'm with kd, don't delete...

Posted by: Keanuette on November 21, 2002 11:54 PM

Nope, it's getting deleted. I already moved anything of worth over here. And I have it archived on my hard drive.
Heh, I should have just done it without warning and blamed it on a blogger hiccup.

Posted by: krix on November 22, 2002 12:10 AM

AAAHHHH! Krix please don't throw it all away! For people like me, who've only just recently seen your site, your archives are an absolute joy and delight on rainy sundays! If I wouldn't have been able to read them, I would have never known the beginnings of your great Sims-saga, your in-depth journalistic coverage of the left-right issue, your revealing pictures of this strange 'Hoopty' character sitting on your bed (Ahhh... Now I understand!) and the fact that you have a cute red cat too!!! Can't I bribe you or something? (I have a video of an old interview which will settle your left-right issue, you know!)

Posted by: Julie on November 22, 2002 08:48 AM

Wow, "an absolute joy on rainy sundays" may be the lovelliest compliment I've ever gotten :)
Don't worry. The archives HERE aren't going anywhere. I'm talking about deleting my old blog at another site
Believe me, when I made the move to MT and this blog, I moved anything of value over here. It's all going to be fine, everyone. Believe me.

Now......about that video.

Posted by: krix on November 22, 2002 09:02 AM

yeah, about THAT VIDEO....

Posted by: Lori on November 22, 2002 01:58 PM

HA! I just KNEW that a lewd sexual reference on a pervy subject would catch your attention long enough to stop you on your (what I then thought to be) mad deleting-spree! -desperate times call for desperate measures- Now, about measures ;-) The interview was done on the set of Little Buddha, while he is struggling to get the lotus position just right. This causes his 'garments' to creep up more and more... And for about 2 seconds (but a lot longer with the help of a slow-motion button -I know this sounds pathetic) this reveals a pair of spotless white undies, tight enough to show the EXCACT shape and size of his... ehm... testicles..
AND! A small glimpse of what's above! There are some shadows, so I called in my sister's help (not a fan but a great companion on quests like these) & we have concluded that it's to the right from our drooling perspective, which would mean to the LEFT on the man himself! -more to the middle then to the left, to be precise- No please excuse me, it's all starting to get the better of me... Again ;-)

Posted by: Julie on November 22, 2002 06:44 PM
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