September 15, 2005
the sum of his parts

Tilda Swinton has some nice things to say about Keanu in this article. Excerpt below, read the whole thing here.

But Swinton argues that even as he has risen to become one of the biggest names in Hollywood, Reeves has always opted for more interesting choices. "I think it can be seen that Keanu is always making experimental films, actually. I do find his filmography extraordinary."

"If you think about it, there have been these amazing moments in sort of film development - he's kind of always been there for them. Bill and Ted, even Speed or Point Break, or the first Matrix, and My Own Private Idaho," she observes.

"He's always been there. It just shows how damned bright he is. Even Constantine was Francis Lawrence's first feature film and really did feel very experimental while we were making it," she continues. "And again he was there. I think that's his natural place. That's the way I read him; he's not easily frightened."

Reeves, of course, is often derided for his laidback, laconic style (which he lampoons brilliantly in Thumbsucker) and Swinton is quick to leap to her co-star's defense. "The thing that people need to remember about him is that he's so much more than an actor. He's a serious, serious movie star. I mean, if you think of Gary Cooper, for example, who's so much more than an actor. He's iconic in that way. He's so much better than a good actor. There's so much more to him, so much more than the sum of his parts."

media spot | from inside the mind of krix at September 15, 2005 02:58 PM .

I *heart* Tilda. Such an intelligent and discerning woman.

Posted by: Zen on September 15, 2005 06:13 PM

I love her too! Yes Tilda he is much more than the sum of his parts.... Looking forward to seeing her play the lead in the Nico biopic.... and wouldn't Keanu be great as Lou Reed?

Posted by: ARYA on September 15, 2005 07:02 PM

Like Keanu is so much more than the sum of his parts, so is this movie.
All of them are great actors, nobody tries to steal the limelight from the others,
its success is an achievement from the whole ensemble.
Here's hoping many of you get the chance to see it!

Posted by: Niobe on September 16, 2005 06:58 AM

(Bene dixisti de Keanu, Tilda!)- Still, there is no need for overdue comments to realize the European or American rewievers are on the wrong track about Keanu's filmography (where are Martin, Siddhartha, Neo in front of the supreme Source?), since they know no aesthetics of the fine arts, without which the acting loses its splendid measure. They haven't meditated upon "Hamlet" speech on the players' temperance. Keanu represents a close, solitary exception in cinema history, in revealing poetic symbols of gemmated or recovered adolescence, or impressing an obstinate, vulnerable heroism on the edge of self-destruction, or a love to friends we are ready to give our life for. His terse, intrepid concentration belongs often to poetry; for this reason he was really appreciated solely from some intelligent directors and the meditative people.

Posted by: Sergio Nannicini on September 16, 2005 11:15 AM

I love her in Constantine and now I like her SO MUCH again! :D
(i hope that film will come out also somewhere near to me)

Posted by: vika on September 16, 2005 12:04 PM

Yeah...what Sergio said. I am with ya bro.

Posted by: ARYA on September 16, 2005 02:48 PM

What an eloquent way to describe him, and how complimentary. Tilda sees it. Couldn't have said it better myself ;-)

Posted by: lizzie on September 17, 2005 07:57 AM

If I wasn't het, and so stuck on Keanu as it is, Tilda would definitely be on my "to do" list.

Posted by: Pen on September 19, 2005 04:16 AM

she is one cool chick....\m/

Posted by: tess on September 19, 2005 05:21 PM
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