November 01, 2002

There's a new section over on the sidebar, STELLAR, and it's categories for the blog.
First off, I want to thank kd for helping me get it all set up.

Anyway, it's an unexact science and some posts are in more than one category. And it was kind of hard to label everything from the past, but I managed.
I thought it would help to have all the wallpapers, Sim stories and whatever together for easy reference.
Here's a little breakdown of the categories and what's in them.

adoration - expressions of love in varying forms and intensities.

babble - I do that a lot, so naturally this is the largest category

buds - friends, other bloggers, linky love

creations -wallpapers, downloads, misc art/designs by me

dogstar - about the band, its members, news and reviews

matrix - Matrix trilogy stuff

media - misc articles, scans, links to articles, etc

movies - stuff on Keanu's films, past and upcoming news

not keanu - non-Keanu related entries

simulation - vicarious living at its silliest

site - site updates, including Backlot stuff

And yep, It's Ass Friday already...

hey batter batter

the site | from inside the mind of krix at November 01, 2002 12:01 AM .

thank GOD (and krix) for ass friday! oh, and stellar, too...

Posted by: Lori on October 31, 2002 10:22 PM

we love ass mmm keanu

Posted by: kat on November 1, 2002 04:08 AM

Looking good girl...

Posted by: Keanuette on November 1, 2002 08:11 AM

Thanks, all.
Now I need to work on balancing out the categories, "movies" is the smallest. I need to work on that.
Of course, having some news would help immensely.

Posted by: krix on November 2, 2002 12:48 PM
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