October 21, 2003
at least I got a latte

Borders, Barnes & Noble, the entire Meadows Mall and everyone on the freeway can enjoy a nice hot fresh cup of Suck Me this morning.

it wahs | from inside the mind of krix at October 21, 2003 10:34 AM .

Oh gawd - what happened?

Is it about the Details mag? I know it was out today.

Posted by: Keanuette on October 21, 2003 10:53 AM

Apparently in Las Vegas it is NOT.

Posted by: krix on October 21, 2003 10:56 AM

Hey, don't worry. I wasted my lunch hour looking for it in North Carolina, and it's not out here either. Just a *big* stack of Justin Timberlakes...grrrrr.

Posted by: bakednudel on October 21, 2003 11:12 AM

Aw... There, there. *comforting pat*
Everything will be allright my dear, you just need patience. *pours a cup of tea* Just think of all those poor Europeans that can't get this mag, as in: "NEVER", who can't see or tape those tv-clips, who can't go to to Becky concerts...
Who are desperately clinging on to about 20% of the mags etc that ARE sold overseas...
There, doesn't that thought make you feel better? Priviliged? And even a little triumphant?
See, there's nothing to pout about :-)

*I* on the other hand, have many reasons!!!
Big hug from a pouting auntie Julie :-)

Posted by: Julie on October 21, 2003 11:24 AM

Nothing in Houston either. harumph.

Posted by: Frell on October 21, 2003 11:39 AM

Thanks for the warning guys. You have saved me a trip to the mall. I saw the Justin Timberlake version last weekend, thank you.

Posted by: Zen on October 21, 2003 12:00 PM

I also wasted a trip to Barnes & Noble on my lunch hour. I thought it was just my store here in Illinois that didn't have it, but apparently that is not the case. It is just not fair that they tease us with that cover and then the stores can't deliver the goods! Ohhhh......I am just not very good at this having patience thing!!

Posted by: Lisa on October 21, 2003 12:11 PM

added message from another sulking European...
If we can get our hands on one of the few mags sold over here, we are charged exorbitant amounts as if we wanted to buy a designer dress in a boutique and not just a little stack of papers with cute pics on it...

I'll keep my fingers crossed tho for you, Krix!

Posted by: Niobe on October 21, 2003 12:13 PM

It hasn't came out here either...WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!!??? I mean put a hot picture of Keanu on the cover and delay it's release of course we're going to freak out!

Posted by: Keanu_Soul on October 21, 2003 12:38 PM

I just bought it at ebay and paying for priority mail, so let's who gets it first, me or the newstands. I'll still try Barnes and Noble the next two days, I can always resell the magazine if I get it tomorrow at the store.

Posted by: Chicks on October 21, 2003 12:42 PM

LOL, Chicks. I bought one off Ebay too, as a back-up plan.

Posted by: krix on October 21, 2003 12:44 PM

i live here in california and i haven't been able to find the Details magazine either

Posted by: tolmastr on October 21, 2003 01:05 PM

Hehe, thank God for ebay. :) I thought for sure the west coasters would have it by now, where are these people getting them?

Posted by: Chicks on October 21, 2003 01:09 PM

I thought it was just me. Out here in rural PA, the only "glossies" I saw today were Guns & Ammo and the farmer's almanac. And if you want a coffee in anything that resembles a book store, you have to smuggle it in. Thank God for you guys!

Posted by: Melissa on October 21, 2003 03:27 PM

It's not out here in Southern California either! :O( It's going to be a loooonnnnnggg week, I can tell!

P.S. I wonder (plotting here) if I call Barnes & Noble every day this week and ask if it's out yet. Do you think they'll hurry up and put it on the stands?? I can hear the conversation now. B & N employee on the phone: Dude, can you PLEASE put the new Details magazine out with Keanu Reeves. This chick keeps calling, every day, asking when it'll be out. She's driving me nuts! Please. I'm begging here. I'll buy you a beer. Or lunch even. Just hurry. :O)

Posted by: Natasha on October 21, 2003 03:46 PM
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