March 04, 2004
scene from a car

After band practice.
Roi and I are driving home.
Oblivious is playing in the CD player

roi: becky's good
me: yeah they are
roi: it'd be cool to play the same venue
me: we could learn all their songs
roi: and go out and play them all before they go on
me: like in A Mighty Wind!
(the bass solo starts)
me: I like this. I thought it was really hard, but I think it's an effect.
me: I should learn this part
roi: we should do this song
me: ooooh yeah.......but you'd make me sing it.
roi: what's wrong with that?
me: I'm not ready to sing and play at the same time
roi: fine, I'll sing it.
me: you will?
roi: I ain't afraid of no becky song
me: I'm so blogging this.

it wahs | from inside the mind of krix at March 04, 2004 10:49 PM .

You SO have to record that one and post it! :D

Posted by: sta-cie on March 5, 2004 01:09 AM

...I'm so curious!

Posted by: Niobe on March 5, 2004 01:36 AM

I'm sooo looking forward to that krix! :)

Posted by: jeanna on March 5, 2004 03:55 AM

*taps foot, waiting*....

you have groupies already!

Posted by: bakednudel on March 5, 2004 04:11 AM

LOL @ Roi: I ain't afraid of no Becky song!
Rock on Roi!! We know you can do it! :-)

Posted by: Lisa on March 5, 2004 06:39 AM

wooooooooooooooooo! roi you're so cool and krix what can I get all the fun ; )

Posted by: tess on March 5, 2004 07:26 AM

Okay, I've never commented before but I've been visiting the site quite often recently and Krix you never fail to put a smile on my have a talent for relaying everyday life in a humourous (sorry for the "u"... I'm Canadian) way. Good luck on the Becky can do it.

Posted by: Keli on March 5, 2004 09:04 AM

"Ladies and gentlemen, this evening the part of Rebecca Lord will be played by Roi. Enjoy the show."


Posted by: Zen on March 5, 2004 09:05 AM

You so rock, Krix. You exude coolness.

Posted by: Rhonda on March 5, 2004 10:08 AM

Bwahahaha, he'd look so cute in a blonde wig, LOL!

Be careful of copyright, though, you don't want to perform a Becky song live, & then afterwards feel a tap on your shoulder... And look into Keanu's smoldering eyes, passionately accusing you of using something that's his... And then having to offer all sorts of things to make up for your errors!


*Excuse me, I'm off to dream-land now*

Posted by: Julie! on March 5, 2004 11:09 AM

BAHAHAHA GO ROI GO!! Can I be your *first* groupie?
:) I agree with Rhonda, you exude coolness..Krix..:) Rock on my friend
hugs and God bless your friend

Posted by: Janice on March 5, 2004 12:52 PM

Haha @ Zen!

Thanks for the encouragement, guys. You'll have to wait and hear us play it live, though. I don't think we'll be recording any beckytunes. I don't have the need to meet their lawyers.
We've got 3 or four originals that we're trying to get polished right now anyway. Hopefully by next week there will be something new for me to share.

Posted by: krix on March 5, 2004 12:56 PM

That bass part is too cool and not that hard to play.

It didn't take me long to master it.

And don't play open A.

Posted by: Keanuette on March 5, 2004 01:45 PM

I cannot wait to hear your originals. And don't you worry about those lawyers. Me and Tyler got you covered. Uh, right Ty? ;)

Posted by: Zen on March 5, 2004 03:21 PM
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