January 26, 2004
god gave rock and roll to you

Wyld Boys

The Telegraph UK recognizes Wyld Stallyns along with Spinal Tap and Almost Famous' Stillwater as one of film's most memorable bands...

Bill S. Preston Esquire (Alex Winter) and Ted "Theodore" Logan (Keanu Reeves) were created by writer Chris Matheson as a withering parody of Californian surfer-cool, but he imbued them with so much charm that they became unlikely screen idols. Their two-man, Van Halen-inspired rock band Wyld Stallyns is the worst in history, bar none.

Only just before the end of Bogus Journey do they actually learn their craft. By this point, they've played "20 questions" in Hell and beaten Death himself at Clue. They end up saving mankind through the sheer power of rock.


it wahs | from inside the mind of krix at January 26, 2004 12:36 PM .

The soundtracks to the Bill and Ted movies are second to none and still work today.

They'll never become outdated.

\m/ Indeed

Posted by: Keanuette on January 26, 2004 04:35 PM

well, i guess technically they were a "two-man" band, but there were also two women (historical babes) involved, and even the two babies there at the end... ;)

Posted by: lori on January 26, 2004 09:02 PM

...and the two Good-Robot-Us's, and Death, and the Stations.

Posted by: Zen on January 27, 2004 04:23 AM

It's a guilty pleasure--I love both those movies, and I love the music from them! I'm old-school, I guess.

Posted by: bakednudel on January 27, 2004 05:41 AM
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