August 19, 2005
the mootrix has you


I still have one final part of Wee Neo's travels to Bratislava with Vika that I have to get posted but here's a sneak peak of what he got to see!

neotour | from inside the mind of krix at August 19, 2005 03:13 PM .

I Can't Wait!!!! I love Little Neo's travelog.


Posted by: Wendi Niehuis on August 19, 2005 04:40 PM

Way cool...

Posted by: Nettie on August 19, 2005 05:20 PM

This puts me in mind of

Posted by: ARYA on August 19, 2005 07:02 PM

More Wee Neo!
I'm so looking forward to that!!

Re Cowparade:
T-Mobile seems to take their(?)cows all over Europe,
last year there was a Matrix cow in Prague,
I don't know if it was the same one though.

Have a nice weekend, Krix and V.!

Posted by: Niobe on August 20, 2005 01:08 AM

this is the coolest cow ever!!!! but ummm, our poor wee neo's package ;o

Posted by: tess on August 21, 2005 09:14 AM
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