August 21, 2003
Regis repeat

Keanu's appearance on LIVE this morning was just a repeat of last spring's visit for Reloaded.

Of course I tuned in anyway (I'm typing on the commercial break).
OH! we're back.

Oh yeah, Regis just came out in the long coat and stupid.

Keanu was really cute and funny and charming as usual.

Good lord, Kelly Ripa just mentioned "raising the bar" Gah!

And they also showed the Tea House fight clip, Keanu used the word "balletic" to describe it...swoon.

So anyway, yeah - it was a repeat, but nice to have him around as I get ready for work this morning.

media spot | from inside the mind of krix at August 21, 2003 09:24 AM .

Oh, thanks, Krix - I just posted a comment in the prvious entry hoping you'd watch the show! and here you are - always ahead of us!

I had no idea it was a repeat ...for some reason it seems to me that in spring show Kelly wore Keanu's coat not Regis... may be I am wrong. Anyway, it was refreshing to see him again...

Posted by: Lucia on August 21, 2003 09:44 AM

Oh no, I'm not ahead. I was just going to answer you in the comments but figured I do an entry instead.

Posted by: krix on August 21, 2003 09:46 AM

I sure super greatly appreciate it KRIX!

Posted by: Lucia on August 21, 2003 10:16 AM

I know a this guy who would kill Kelly Ripa for a box of saltines.

No. That guy isn't me.

Okay. Yes it is.

And anybody who thinks she's hot gets knitted into Mdme. DeFarge's scarf.

Stupid does not equate to hot. Do we all understand that now? Good.

Carry on.

Posted by: V. on August 21, 2003 01:03 PM

I missed the original airing, so this morning was QUITE a treat...and I saw it twice, because in my area the show airs at 9 on channel 7 and then repeats at 10 on channel 11. It was so cool to see him and twice. Kelly bothers me. But it's not about Keanu. She always bothers me. She's so vapid and transparent. I couldn't believe a married woman with three children would have the gall to sit there with her breasts deliberately hanging out, while she *leaned* in his direction every chance she could get. And then to say to his face that he was one of the 2 top people she wanted to meet...and the other one being a man, too...of course! I just think she's stupid, and I think Keanu didn't know what to make of her so he tried his best to just be polite. He was not jokey with her the way he was with Regis, despite Kelly's best efforts to get his attention by *leaning* her breasts toward him and laughing *way* too loud every time he made a funny. Keanu sets boundaries and I like that about him. I don't know how her husband deals with her. When Madonna was on back in the spring, Kelly repeatedly made lesbian jokes that were just a little too *not* funny and a little too *serious*. She practically drooled on Madonna. Anyway, I thought Regis in the coat and shades was stupid, but cute. I like Regis. He's just so silly, like a grandpa who tells the same jokes over and over and thinks they are so funny every time. Keanu was enormously cute and shy. When he first sat down I could swear he was shaking a little. I swear. And I thought he was so cute how he walked out talking! He was talking as he walked out to sit down. So cute. Nerves. I just think he's the cat's meow.

Posted by: Veronica on August 21, 2003 02:09 PM

At least Kelly Ripa had a clue about what the Matrix is all about, which you can't say for the Today show crew. This surprised me. Must be that Mars alignment thingy.

Posted by: Chianti on August 21, 2003 02:14 PM

That's true. I really don't mind her. She's like a cocker spaniel. It gets too excited and pees everywhere, but you can't bear to put it to sleep.

Posted by: krix on August 21, 2003 02:22 PM

Damn, missed it again....oh well...i'll have to start keeping track of his apperences :)

Posted by: Keanu_Gurl on August 21, 2003 02:50 PM

KG, There's a site called "TV now" over in the sidebar (with the "excellent" Keanu related links) that lists upcoming TV appearances, including talk shows and movie broadcasts.
Most of the NEW talk show appearences I will alert on the blog when possible. At least the network TV ones, since I am cable-free.

Posted by: krix on August 21, 2003 02:54 PM

Could have been worse - could have been Kathie Lee.

Posted by: Chianti on August 21, 2003 03:57 PM


Posted by: krix on August 21, 2003 04:01 PM

Thanks so much krix! You rock! lol, i've recently became a Keanu fan...well i was one before but not this crazy for the dude...hahaha...i plan to try to collect all his movies by the end of the year. And hopefully one day if i'm extremly lucky i'll get to meet him. lol, here i go again, acting like a little girly girl...i guess he can do that to you :P

Posted by: Keanu_Gurl on August 22, 2003 12:37 AM
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