January 16, 2002
Matrix in Las Vegas Rumor

So there's this story on TheMatrixOnline.com regarding a story at CountingDown.com (I think the whole thing originated as a forum post at ComingSoon.net)claiming that Keanu was in my little town shooting scenes to Reloaded a couple weeks ago.
Well, since I know how many of you are looking to me to confirm or deny what goes on in my own backyard, I decided to look into it, seeing as how I didn't have anything better to do this morning. I bothered several people at UNLV (well, I called them anyway, but I can assure you they were pretty bothered by it. Except the guy that laughed at me) and this is what I have found out. Any major production that seeks permission to film on campus would have to go through the President of the University's office. The woman I spoke to there had no idea what I was talking about. Although I will say that she said "I don't know" rather strangely. Probably because I was yammering like an idiot trying to keep a straight face while I tried to say the phrase "Chasing down an internet rumor".The guy with the undeterminable accent in the film department said he had no idea, but he put me through to the Head of the film department's voice mail. So I REALLY bothered this guy by asking him to take time out of his busy day and call me with any info. I really don't expect to get a call. I would like to know if maybe some students were filming a Matrix spoof or something, because THAT would be interesting (plus this rumor could be great publicity since it's on all the Matrix boards)
I personally think that this is a false report. It makes no sense for many reasons, Here's a few:
a) UNLV has nothing especially unique to offer, besides the ugliest piece of campus art in history, to the production of a sci-fi film. If they were looking for a special trapeze or something they would have used one of the Strip's La Cirque-type shows rehearsal arena. But even that is something easily built in Austraila, anyway.
b) The guy that submitted the report says he works as security at UNLV. I can tell you that UNLV has its own police department and you better NOT call them security guards because they will get very very pissy and make you pour out all your beers in the parking lot before they let you into the Thomas and Mack.
c) I do know a couple people at and around UNLV and really, they would have called me to get my ass down there.
So I can't positively, absolutely confirm or deny this story as of yet, but that's MY take on it.
It's bullshit.
But really, what does it matter where a few scenes are filmed? I mean, besides the fact that IF it were true and IF Reeves once again dissed me, this time, in my own 'hood, well...I'm crushed.... again.... where's the love ?????
Dude, you are so lucky that "KieferVision" just does NOT roll off the tongue...

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