April 07, 2002
Last night...

me: You know what I'd like to try? That oxygen bar place. I wonder how it works. I'll bet it's really good for you, getting some clean pure oxygen to your lungs and brain. I hear it's really good for your skin, too. I wonder...

roi: You realize you can't smoke there, right?

me: oh............well, fuck that then.

We had a good little jam yesterday. I'm catching up quite nicely, if I do say so myself, and Roi has offered to help me figure out some Bret Domrose songs. My main obstacles at the moment are my fingers. They're slow and tender, and while that's great for tracing your lover's n!pples while you lounge in bed trying to distract them from their crossword puzzle and waiting for the General Foods International Coffee to cool, it's not so great for guitar playing.

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