April 02, 2002
Bad Cat Good Dream

My fucking cat just nuzzled the ESC key and fucking DELETED the post I have been writing for the past 25 minutes.
I'm going to kill him.
Auuuggghhhh....I have to take it as a sign that maybe some things are better kept to oneself. And my cat is some sort of karmic vessel.
You buying it? Me neither. He just wanted to be fed, little bastard.

ANYWAY, yes, I am desperate for bloggage. Thankfully my sub-con came through with some content for today.
In a nutshell, I had a Keanu dream last night. In this dream, Keanu borrowed my guitar, kissed me really sweetly, and asked "Do you want to pet me?"(yeah,exactly what you're thinking).
And then I woke up.

When am I going to learn to use notepad and save my work?????

it wahs | from inside the mind of krix at April 02, 2002 08:27 AM .

My dream:

Woke up from an hysterical, yet delightful, dream...I met up with Keanu Reeves in Hawaii and we rode on his banana seat bicycle to an incredible underwater park. I climb onto the bike and the name of the very California surf-pop band (The Kissmakers?) that we are listening to is written out in a sign on his back. He is shirtless (yes...yes...then what is the sign attached to?) so I can feel the warmth from his skin and smell its salty-sweetness. I spend most of the journey with my eyes closed, cheek against his back, listening to the most perfect pop music that I have ever heard. MIraculously -- for this is a dream, no? -- we both fit perfectly on the banana seat. As we approach the park we enter by flying down the hill on our bike toward a big wall of water. We take a deep breath and there we are at this gorgeous underwater park where we, amazingly enough, could frolick all Disney-like with the fishes (you know, the fish and other marine life do cutesy things in response to you and you don't need snorkeling or scuba equipment but can somehow stay on the ocean floor for hours).

Posted by: Kirby Kat on October 9, 2002 06:27 PM
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