October 20, 2001
T-Shirt Mania

Due to the fact that there is ZERO new news about Mr. Reeves out there, I am forced to find other things to blog about.
SO....given my obviously pathological need to show you what a loser I am, I have decided to share this with you.

Aren't you thrilled?

This is my meager collection of Keanu-related t-shirts. Hey, I wanted to collect something and for the most part, t-shirts are pretty cheap.
I figured "why not."
I like the movie promos or ones that were supposedly given to "crew" the most. If it wasn't available to the general public, I want it.
THIS GUY is my favorite seller.
I passionately covet one from Hamlet but there's no way I'm paying $100 (the current going price on eBay) for it.
A Burly Man Produtions (Matrix) one would be awesome, too. I'm not sure they even exist, however.
I like the shirts because they are practical. I can wear them, and I do.....If I get sick of wearing them I can use them to wash the car or something.

You may notice a DISTINCTIVE VOID in my little t-shirt display. (if not, look for the mint green 'X')
I got a shirt in the mail today, but unfortunately it was the wrong one.
This is the design that I wanted:

It's not a movie promo or anything, but it's made by some company called Serial Killer and when I wear it, all the little skateboard dudes will think I'm very phat or dope or something....*shrug*
I won't bother showing you what I got. (some lame Goodfellas design)
I'm sure the guy will fix the mishap.I just hope whoever got MY shirt doesn't fall in love with it and refuse to give it back.
That would make me quite sad.
I guess I'll just have to wait, which you all know, I really hate to do

it wahs | from inside the mind of krix at October 20, 2001 03:59 PM .

How do you get the 100% ass kicker t-shirt...?


Posted by: keanuette on June 10, 2002 11:37 AM
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