March 13, 2003
"We can't stop here, this is Bat Country!"

From Ananova Via Metafilter, a list of the top ten movie one-liners of all time...

1. "You were only supposed to blow the bloody doors off" - The Italian Job;
2. "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn" - Gone with the Wind;
3. "We want the finest wines available to humanity, we want them here and we want them now" - Withnail and I;
4. "You talkin' to me?" - Taxi Driver;
5. "I love the smell of napalm in the morning" - Apocalypse Now;
6. "I'll have what she's having ..." - When Harry met Sally;
7. "All my life I wanted to be a gangster" - Goodfellas;
8. "I do wish we could chat longer. But I'm having an old friend for dinner" - Silence of the Lambs;
9. "Infamy, Infamy, they've all got it in for me" - Carry on Cleo;
10. "He's not the Messiah - he's a very naughty boy" - Life of Brian.

The thread over at Metafilter is chock full of other great lines that didn't make the list.
A few Keanu utterances from The Matrix as well as a line from DA are among those in the discussion as well.

My favorite non-Keanu movie lines include the one in the title (from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas) and "Yeah! Let's go get sushi and not pay."

Bogus Jouney is full of great lines - "I got a full-on robot chubbie".
So is Speed- "Shoot the hostage."
Even in one of his smaller roles, Tod in Parenthood, Keanu had the memorable "You know, Mrs. Buchman, you need a license to buy a dog, to drive a car - hell, you even need a license to catch a fish. But they'll let any butt-reaming asshole be a father."

I could go on and on.

What are some of your favorite movie lines?

cinema | from inside the mind of krix at March 13, 2003 11:18 AM .

Ooooh, let's see... (good blog topic Krix!) :)

From "Swimming With Sharks"

Kevin Spacey's character says, "You're happy, I hate that!" (His character has a TON of great lines in this movie, but I'm blanking on them right now).

From "Oh Brother Where Art Thou"

"Do NOT seek the treasure."

"He's bonafide."

"Damn we're in a tight spot."

"Gopher, Everett?"

"I happen to be a student of human nature myself, Big Dan."

From "Glengarry Glen Ross"

"Will you get out of here? Will you? I'm trying to run an office here. Now will you go to lunch? Go to lunch. Will you go to lunch!?' (probably my all time favorite line!)

I could go on and on too, but I'll stop!

Posted by: Natasha on March 13, 2003 12:24 PM

Natasha! good to see you *smoooch*!

Posted by: krix on March 13, 2003 12:28 PM

Max to Leo at the beginning of The Producers:

I'm wearing a cardboard belt!

Posted by: laura on March 13, 2003 12:39 PM

Right back at ya Krix! :)

From "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure" (of course!)


"All we are is dust in the wind dude."

And from "Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey"

"Aim for the cat dude, aim for the cat." (I don't know why that one slays me so! LOL)

Posted by: Natasha on March 13, 2003 01:00 PM

"So... Now you know what you are...
And now you know what we are.
You'll never grow old Michael, and you'll never die. But you must FEED..."

*hint* It's not Keanu, but another well-loved actor who's name starts with a K :-)

Permanent record; "I've never actually given a party before, and I'm not really sure what to do"
-Then, after getting an answer from his friend, with wide-eyed enthousiasm; 'IT'S EASY!'

Another Keanuquote? From 'Aunt Julia & the scriptwriter/Tune in tomorrow "I love you, Julia, and I think I always will" ;-D

Posted by: Julie on March 13, 2003 01:12 PM

Kiefer in Lost Boys!
Oooo, I need to add that to my netflix queue, I haven't seen it in ages.

Posted by: krix on March 13, 2003 01:18 PM

"Guns. Lots of Guns."

Posted by: Tyler on March 13, 2003 01:22 PM

From The Matrix (alas, not a line from Neo)

"I want to be someone important, you know, like an actor".

Love the W Brother's humor

Posted by: Ann on March 13, 2003 01:43 PM

When you wake up, wipe the slugs off your face, and be ready for a new day.....

Posted by: Rhonda on March 13, 2003 02:02 PM

The above quote was from My Own Private Idaho..

Posted by: Rhonda on March 13, 2003 02:34 PM

"Mister, I'm already there!"

"Yeah, but I'm taller."

"Where am I?"

"I don't want to be remembered at all."

Posted by: Tyler on March 13, 2003 02:37 PM

I did a quiz at Club Keanu which was fun, with lines from Keanu movies - if anyone's interested just click on my name to get there.

Posted by: Chianti on March 13, 2003 04:44 PM

my favorite matrix quote (I'm paraphrasing but this is close)

"Trinity ... your the one who hacked the IRS database. I always thought you were...uh...a guy."

"most guys do"

I created wallpaper with that quote and a pic of trinity -- she is my heroine - brilliant AND she gets neo! if only I were ten years younger and 2 pregnancies thinner!!!

Posted by: roxy on March 13, 2003 04:45 PM

"Have you ever done this before? Has the FISH?!" Johnny Mnemonic

"You shut up! You shut the fuck up!" Jjaks and Freddie, Feeling Minnesota

"I've never felt this way...what's the word?...happy!" Jjaks

"It'll all turn to shit." Jjaks

"I believe that Morpheus means more to me than he does to you. I believe that if you are going to save him, you're going to need my help. And since I'm the ranking officer on this ship, if you don't like it, I believe you can go to hell, because you're not going anywhere else! Tank, load us up." Trinity, of course!

"Look Mike, sandwiches!" Scott, MOPI

"I am a fucking FBI agent!" Johnny Utah, Point Break

"That is one messed up little dude." that Tod, Parenthood

should i stop now? ok, i'll stop. (*sniff*)

Posted by: Lori on March 13, 2003 05:35 PM

omg, i can't believe i left this one out:

"Strange things are afoot at the Circle K." Ted, of course!

Posted by: Lori on March 13, 2003 05:57 PM


Posted by: Tyler on March 13, 2003 06:13 PM

"There is no spoon."

love that one :)

Posted by: laura on March 13, 2003 06:16 PM

OMG - I forgot the Circle K - THAT IS A CLASSIC!!!

Posted by: roxy on March 13, 2003 06:37 PM

i can't help it, i'm back with more...

"I'm looking for the Bulls to cover the spread." Conor O'Neill, Hardball

"Whatever -- I just quit." Conor

"Mother fucker! Food eater!" Matt, Rivers Edge

"Don't cuss." Matt

"Maybe if we did them girlie-style..." Ted, of course!

"Harry -- you TOLD me to." Jack Traven, Speed

"Whatever you say, ma'am." Jack

"It's in your eyes, brother. It's in your soul." Harry, The Last Time I Committed Suicide

"That's gonna leave a mark!" Shane Falco, The Replacements

"Danny, remember what I said about the red shirt?" (Yeah?) "Forget about it." Shane

"You give me strength." Shane

"What is this, some Squeaky-Charlie-communal thing?" Nelson Moss, Sweet November

eeek, somebody STOP me!


Posted by: Lori on March 13, 2003 09:00 PM

Hahaha, this one's especially for Lori;
-Guy in goverment-lobby against Neo- :-D

Posted by: Julie on March 14, 2003 08:25 AM

I thoroughly enjoyed reading all of that. Can't think of one famous line to quote. Wanted to say thanks for the email you sent awhile back. And for visiting when I have been such a bad girl and not stopping by here. I hate looking for work.

My sis, "I need a J. O. B.!

Posted by: Grace on March 14, 2003 08:52 AM

There are so many good quotes out there! Let me see here:
"Hip-hop...hip-hop anonymous?" - Big Daddy
"You sunk my battle ship" - Bogus Journey
"F*ck me!" - Speed
"I WANT ROOMSERVICE!!" - Johnny Mnemonic

My very, very Fav, makes me laugh every time:
"oh...Hows it hangin death?!" - Ted

one more...just for the heck of it:
"What do you say we rent Point Break and have some ice cream, we'll make it a package deal!"

"Mmm, Keanu in rubber, and chocolate, chocolate chip, now thats a lot of sugah!" - Will & Grace

Posted by: Sage on March 14, 2003 12:01 PM

Come, let us dance like children of the Night! - So I married an Axe Murderer

I'll be your Huckleberry - Tombstone

No, you said wet shirt, won't break, not piss shirt, bend bar! - Shanghai Noon

Posted by: Angel on March 17, 2003 10:16 PM
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