February 24, 2004
becky show this friday

Thanks Toriane :)
Speaking of Viper Room becky shows, becky will be playing this Friday.
From Paulie at the beckyboard:

"hi everyone!
becky is back at the viper room friday night feb. 27th at 10pm!
c'mon down and check it out!
it's sure to be a great time!
get there early!
paulie : ) "

Oh snap, that's like three days from now.

I'm going to have to miss it, I can't get off work early enough to make it in time.

Plus, Catz is coming to town this weekend and...well, I've seen becky.

becky | from inside the mind of krix at February 24, 2004 12:36 PM .

Remember Help! ?

Come to Flor-i-da. Come to Flor-i-da...

Unfortunately, I'm out of red paint.

Posted by: Tabitha on February 24, 2004 01:29 PM

I say we all form a clan and go, we will be like those people in that outcast video

Posted by: babs on February 24, 2004 01:31 PM

You're very welcome Krix. To bad you can't make it either, though that's much closer to you. Yes Tabitha I agree "Come to Florida"....we have beaches too so you won't be to far out of your element. Accents may throw you off a bit but its all good :).

Posted by: Toriane on February 24, 2004 02:43 PM

Okay I admit I was toying around with the idea of going on Friday but ....Like Krix said... "I've already seen becky" and I have never seen Krix!! See I have my priorities straight!! LOL

Posted by: Catz on February 24, 2004 02:53 PM

So cool! I'm still lobbying for a trip (work-related!) to Las Vegas in October... have fun Catz and have fun anyone who can get to the Viper Room!! Full reports, please!

Posted by: bakednudel on February 24, 2004 03:35 PM

snap....................SNAP!?????????????????? FUCK, I wanna go soooooooooooo bad....

Posted by: tess on February 24, 2004 03:46 PM

Oh! Two of my favorite funny blog-ladies AND drinks, all together!
Boo-hoo, I want to go to Vegas, too! :'-( *pout*

Aw, you're going to have so much fun together! :-D

Posted by: Julie! on February 24, 2004 06:37 PM

*pout* me too! Have fun!

Posted by: sta-cie on February 24, 2004 10:29 PM
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