December 15, 2003
SGG kicks samurai ass
Love among older adults conquered the box office as Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton's romance "Something's Gotta Give" debuted in the top spot with $17 million.

I have the morning news on and I saw this! Very cool, and I'm not suprised at all. It's a very good movie. In fact, when I was watching it Saturday, the first scene with Dr. Julian almost took me by suprise.

Oh yeah! Keanu's in this movie!

I was just enjoying the film that much.

cinema | from inside the mind of krix at December 15, 2003 08:07 AM .

i liked the movie anyway, too. the fact that keanu was in it just made it that much more enjoyable.

but my complaint is not about sgg. my complaint is about the lovely, leather-clad keanu to the right on the main page, who i see is now donning a festive santa hat. slowly, i scrolled down and noticed the... ahem... candy cane placed strategically in his pants. (who knew anything else could fit?) and now, since i guess "santa keanu" know's who's naughty and nice, he knows what i am thinking and is calling me a "ho. ho. ho." it's not my fault... *sniff*

Posted by: casluvskeanu on December 15, 2003 10:03 AM

Heh. Love the holiday decorations you've put up. Did you 'green up' the green type a bit? Or are my eyes deceiving me?

I was very happy about the b.o. for SGG. It's good counter-programming to the juggernaut that will be ROTK too. I don't know how I'm going to fit all this in, especially since I do intend to see Revolutions a few more times too...

Posted by: bakednudel on December 15, 2003 10:36 AM

I can't tell you how happy it made me to hear this on the radio this morning. And the fact that it beat a Tom Cruise film only made it sweeter. I actually said "Ha-Haaaaa" out loud. *in my best mean-kid-on-The-Simpsons voice* My husband just laughed and shook his head.

Posted by: Zen on December 15, 2003 11:17 AM

wow, TC learned how to hold a sword and we're all supposed to swoon. forget it, man. i'd rather watch keanu hold a stethescope any day. and all is as it should be...

Posted by: lori on December 15, 2003 11:52 AM

I saw SGG on Friday night. I went with 3 other people ranging in age from 9 to 40. We all thought this morning was great fun. Keanu did a great job as the handsome and charming Julian. I also like Frances McDormand in her perky little supporting role. Keanu was right, Jack's bum scene was hysterical.

Posted by: Dragon on December 15, 2003 12:22 PM

I didn't read the spoiler...LOL

I'm glad it's kicking LS off the charts. I hate Tom Cruise...

Posted by: Keanuette on December 15, 2003 12:53 PM

Loved SGG. I've seen it twice.

Last night I watched "Tune in Tomorrow" for the 1st time. I noticed that Tune and SGG have a few things in common: both featured a younger man (Keanu) in love with an older woman and although they ended differently, they both ended in almost exactly the same spot, from a different camera angle, but still the same spot. And of course Keanu was beautiful in both films. He was only 26 when Tune was released in 1990. But when comparing his apperance in the 2 films, its amazing that although he looks more mature now, he manages to do that it without looking any older. How, how, how does he do it?

Posted by: w on December 15, 2003 09:58 PM

I've seen SGG twice (for starters), too. It's an absolutely delightful flick. Really glad it did so well during release weekend. I've raved about it so much that all my buds are anxious to see it, too! :)

Posted by: phoenix IX on December 16, 2003 04:15 AM

Yeah I loved it too! I was laughing so hard!...Jack is hilarious! I couldn't help but sigh and sigh when Keanu showed up! :p

Posted by: Valentina on December 20, 2003 11:20 AM
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