October 22, 2003
I may be benevolent, but I am still a dictator

Augh! (thank you to the Daily Thud for this pic)

Yeah, I'm a bit of a control freak when it comes to this site. I've put a lot of work into it because I wanted to have a place where I (and other fans) could express appreciation for Keanu's movies and music, and adore him as a gifted and fascinating and beautiful man without having to deal with gossip, tabloid tales, and stalkerazzi images. So I keep that kind of thing off of here and ask that guests do the same.

I reserve the right to delete and edit comments that I find inappropriate, offensive or just plain tacky.

I rarely use it. I rarely have the need. But when it does happen, the sword of deletion will be swift and clean and if I'm in a good mood and the poster leaves a valid email address, I might even write them and explain why their comment was removed.
I might also be a bit more lenient towards regular commenters (editing rather than outright deletion) than with someone whose first post crosses the line right off, but the harsh reality is if it's personal, gossipy or otherwise inappropriate it will be deleted.

This is not to say that you should be afraid to comment if you are new to this site, but please....use good judgement. If it's something that you wouldn't want strangers speculating and discussing about you in a public forum, then it's probably not OK. His personal life, family, friends are all off limits. These are things that none of us know anything about and we don't need to in order to appreciate him, his acting or his music. Most fans know how private he is. Just read or watch an interview where any personal subject is brought up. He won't discuss these things because he doesn't feel they should be up for discussion and I try and respect that. And I ask that if you are going to leave a comment on my site, that you do the same.

Respect each other as well.
Attacking or insulting/flaming is also a no-no. Opinions can differ, but don't let it degrade into name-calling or other basic rudeness.

Leaving a comment for the sake of promoting your group or website is tacky and inappropriate. Doing it multiple times is spamming and will get you deleted and your IP banned.

Believe me, I know the difference between someone who has something to sincerely contribute to the discussion and who is just self-promoting.

Also, leaving unrelated frivolous comments just because you like to see your words on the screen is really not making a worthwhile contibution to the discussion, so please don't.

If you double/triple/etc post due to a browser glitch or something don't worry about it, I'll fix it when I see it. No need to add an additional "oops I double posted!" comment. That just makes more for me to clean up.

There is no need to sign your comments, your name is automatically put in the "posted by" place at the bottom. Also please don't "decorate" your name when you enter it in the box.

"Binky" is fine
"Binky!" is also fine
"~*~***Binky***~*~" is really not as cute as you think it is, just don't.

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If you have a problem with the way I run things around here, then I would suggest that you don't visit.

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