January 21, 2003
happy Happy happy dammit

In an effort to push this store stuff down the page, I googled keanu+happy to try and find something filled with sunshine and rainbows and cute little bunnies.

I found this transcript of a chat with Dogstar.
(I'll keep looking for bunnies, though)

Dogstar: Hi There!!

MiCi: Oh, btw…!Welcome to the Arena!

Dogstar: Hellooooo!!!!

MiCi: I've been listening to your CD, "Happy Ending" and just love it. How has the initial response been now that it is out as a single?

Dogstar: We've had some good response from radio and some friends...

MiCi: If this audience is any example, I'm guessing the response is HUGE.

Dogstar: and the band likes the record ;)

MiCi: Going straight to audience questions...from Mouse: Do you anticipate a Dogstar tour in 2001?

Dogstar: No...

Dogstar: Just kidding…we don't know. Hopefully!

From Julie Arebalo: I just want to say I first saw the band in 96 in Dallas,TX and again in 97. you have to come back soon! Dallas,Tx supports you. I love the song "Bleeding Soul". Hurry back! Please!!!

Dogstar: We like Dallas, we'll be back soon!!

From alcyone7485: who wanted 'Superstar' and what did the other 2 think when they heard the orginal.

Dogstar: What a great song...We all thought it was great...we all had different relationships to the song...similar and different...the consciousness of how we heard it was different. We all collectively heard it…when we started to play it live we all really enjoyed it and the audience really enjoyed it…so we started playing it.

From Mouse: To all: Thinking back on when you were around 12, did you think you would be doing this? (playing in a band)

Dogstar: Yes, yes…and Keanu says "dunno"

MiCi: Still more childhood questions...from notastateofgrace: What's the most important advice your mother ever gave you?

Dogstar: Wear clean underwear...use a condom…do what makes you happy :)

MiCi: Lol

Dogstar: LOL

From Thank: Who were you most surprised to receive a visit from backstage?

Dogstar: (thinking) Our manager ;-)

MiCi: Hahahahaha…

Dogstar: David Arquette just bolted in…dressed like Elvis…he knocked over our deli tray…we're like haul outta here dude :) … (thinking) 1-800-theresthedoor :)

From Shadowboxer155: how would you feel if your music was on napster?

Dogstar: IT is!!!

MiCi: To audience...remember to refresh the web cam frame : )

Dogstar: We're still processing the data…we've been too busy to figure out what it is

From Luna: Were there any faintings at the Dogstar concerts? LOL!

Dogstar: Yea Bret fainted in Japan…hehehe…no one fainted that we know of

MiCi: Lol…

From Walls: you guys are awesome do you u have a hard time dealing with the attention?

Dogstar: Thank you :) NO...not really...it depends...there's different forms of attention…it depends, on what you're feeling that day…it is a hard question to answer really.

From Morbid610: What bands have influenced your type of music? and also Who is your guy's fav. band?

Dogstar: The Clash, Joy division, and...U2…2 more...

From MELLODEW: Do all your songs have a special meaning?

Dogstar: Umm…yes special…they all have a different meaning...we wouldn't write a song if it didn't have a meaning to us.

Dogstar: We'd love to spend more time on stage, but it's crazy tonight…Please watch Jay Leno tonight…

MiCi: Ok...we really appreciate you taking time to chat with us…your fans are loyal and enthusiastic!

Dogstar: it's been an exhausting time but we're happy…

MiCi: Your fans appreciate the time! You guys ROCK!

Dogstar: Thank YOU!!!! Bye bye :)

MiCi: For the fans, we have their website to send you…so hang on one moment. We were VERY LUCKY to get this chat…(thinking) they had to cancel a lot of interviews because they are crazed getting ready…so....YOU SAW IT ON PALACE! woohoo! Before we close, please join me in thanking Fossil watches for bringing us today's event with Dogstar. (thinking) they also ROCK.

The Palace EVENT LOG FOR Dogstar July 13, 2000
Producer/Moderator: Cyndi Mudge
Field Producer: Alyssa Factor
Executive Producer: Karen Fields-Hutton

dogstar rocks | from inside the mind of krix at January 21, 2003 10:41 AM .

Thanx me darlin'...That's another one to add to the archives...

Posted by: Keanuette on January 21, 2003 12:17 PM

I remember that night, it was craaaaazee trying to get into that chat, thanks!

Posted by: tess on January 21, 2003 06:09 PM

Thanx krix for sharing this fun interview. *smiles*

Posted by: phoenix IX on January 24, 2003 11:13 PM
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