September 15, 2002

The Keanu as Superman discussion has made it over to Slashdot

Smooches to Craig for this info.

For the record, I think that this whole thing is just industry hype. But if there is a tiny chance that Keanu is actually considering it?
Dear Mr. Reeves, I don't really want to see you do this movie*.
For a few reasons, not the least of which being that I'm against this movie being made at all.
How about some more of those original ideas, Holllywood?

I really feel that he's smart enough not to do this film movie. He certainly doesn't need to.

*Not as the Man of Steel anyway. How about as the villian? How about as LEX??? mmmm, bald Keanu...purrrrrr.

cinema | from inside the mind of krix at September 15, 2002 09:54 AM .

Mmmm... bald Keanu, indeed! *drool*
I think he'd really make a faboo Lex.

Posted by: Jamie on September 15, 2002 11:50 AM

When Keanu was mentioned as Superman on Conan, the audience booed.

Will it never end?

Posted by: Tyler on September 15, 2002 01:02 PM

*bald keanu* LOL

I agree ~ don't do it dude! You've got Neo and Neo ROCKS!!

Posted by: Keanuette on September 15, 2002 01:04 PM

Just like what I said about Constantine, except playing Superman would be even *worse* (at least Constantine would be an original role). Anyway, I think keanu just needs to take a long vacation, here in my guestroom... *sigh*

Posted by: Lori on September 15, 2002 04:08 PM
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