May 19, 2003
will shag for swag

free your swag

It's a good thing I managed to get the cute candy tank top on eBay that I wanted, or I'd consider becoming a VFX/Grip/Caterer groupie in order to get some of the sweet sweet swag from Reloaded.

There's quite a bit and it's fun to look through (even if a bit taunting for a t-shirt collector like me).

I like that accounting and the medic team have good senses of humor.

I actually hope that not much of this ever appears on the 'bay, and I don't think it will. I imagine that what these t-shirts represent in labor and love is far more precious than the pretty penny they might fetch.

Besides, I can't afford to bid on them anyway.

red pill | from inside the mind of krix at May 19, 2003 02:32 PM .

That's pretty cool.

Posted by: Keanuette on May 20, 2003 04:42 AM
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