December 22, 2001
Bass players on Dogstar

For some reason, I found myself over in the forums and did a search on Dogstar. Of course, a simple question "Does Keanu Reeves Play Bass?" decays rapidly into a whinefest of why a successful actor should stick with his day job posts. I did find one that gives Keanu his due, though.

But the cool thing about this is, (bear with me here), he must really feel a desire or drive to play music. I mean, the guy makes more money from a single movie than some of us will see in our lifetimes. Regardless of what I think of his talent, nobody is forcing the movie studios to pay him this much, so somebody feels that he is worth the bucks. Credit where it's due...

I admire the cojones it takes for someone who is so recognizable to leap into a situation where so much of his soul is bared. With a movie, criticism or failure can be attributed to so many variables... with his music, it truly comes down to talent. I've heard much worse music, and so have you


Thank you, Robert.

See, that's the thing. Keanu really loves to play. If you've ever seen him with the band, you can tell. And why shouldn't someone who loves to play be able to? What really annoys me is that these other musicians are assessing his talent on what? The Jay Leno show performance of Cornerstore.
Certainly not Dogstar's best song (why it was chosen as the single from Happy Ending, I'll never know), and certainly not one that showcases the bass line.
It's suprising to see other artists judge a person's talent on a single performance of a single song.

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