October 15, 2003
Actors join the fight against "screeners" ban

By Bob Tourtellotte

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Several top actors and past Academy Award winners are joining the battle against a controversial ban on Oscar movie "screeners" by voicing their opposition in a newspaper advertisement, a film industry source has said.

Signers of the ad, which will appear in the Wednesday edition of industry papers Daily Variety and The Hollywood Reporter, include Oscar winners Adrien Brody and Susan Sarandon as well as "Matrix" star Keanu Reeves, said the source who is connected to IFP/Los Angeles, a group helping spearhead the drive against the ban.

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media spot | from inside the mind of krix at October 15, 2003 08:51 AM .

I saw a similar story yesterday and wondered if he would voice his opinion. It's logistically impossible to have screenings of every movie worthy of recognition. As an advocate of indie films, I hope their effort to "ban the ban" is successful! GO KCR! (Hey maybe they could have a recall vote for Jack Valenti?)

Some other stars protesting are Sean Penn, Holly Hunter, Frances McDormand, Willem Dafoe, Hilary Swank, Don Cheadle, Sissy Spacek, Ellen Burstyn, Nick Nolte, and Steve Buscemi. (Yay STEVE) There's more info on this at Yahoo too.

Posted by: Chianti on October 15, 2003 10:00 AM
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