September 16, 2003
not so insane after all

I've spent part of the day over at the insane rantings forum, and the folks over there have been really cool.

No, they haven't embraced Keanu as ConJob yet, but give me time...*wink*

I did ask for some advice regarding introducing new fans (us) to Hellblazer and here's what they say:


"So...wait a minute! You mean hearing about Keanu Reeves in this movie actually brought fans to the Hellblazer book?!"

Of course. At least it did with me. I hope that by the time the movie is out several of you keanuvision readers will be making regular stops at the local comic shop to check out the newest issue.

ChristianCage777 also says:

"Personally, I wanted to get a point of view for fans of Keanu Reeves or this movie as relates to comic books. My friend at the comic shop told me that he gets alot of new business right when the movie-themed comic comes out, but then they read current issues of, let's use Daredevil, and figure out that the comic and the movie are not exactly the same. Then, they stop caring about the comics.
Realizing that Hellblazer is even a much more FAR cry from the comic than the Marvel movies have been, I personally feel that this movie would not net many new 'Blazer readers."

Like I've said, I'm now a fan of Hellblazer regardless of what happens in the movie. And I've never read Daredevil, but I did suffer through the movie and would think that the comic being different is a GOOD THING.

I mentioned to them that some Keanu fans might not be reading Hellblazer for fear of spoilery...

L. M. Rosa pish-poshes:

"Tell those fans that the movie isn't borrowing any storyline or plot from the comics, so they're SPOILER-free... i think...

... and they'd should give Hellblazer a try, since it's an outstanding comic book...

[...] there are several tpb's collecting whole arcs and complete stories, which is best for newbies... that's a good start, and from there they can start collecting the monthly... the back-issues, they buy them as they show up...

And if you're looking to buy back issues, there's eBay or you might check (thanks Christian) or according to Funk, who also shares my love for surly bunnies.

Adrian Brown comes through with some titles to look for if you do want to know more about the characters and storyline:

"I'd say that there are certain characters whose story is being told in the film, and people might want to check out those issues.

Comics with Papa Midnite and Ellie would probably give no spoilers, but "Balthazar" or First of the Fallen as we call him sounds rather close to the story that is being posed for John (if not the Angie/John connection).

Because of similarities with Garth Ennis's run, the best stories to get a feel for the character in the film are those collected in "Freezes Over" and "Haunted" trade paperbacks which ought to be on"

Big Love to jmcmahon, the gentleman in charge of the site as well.

constantine | from inside the mind of krix at September 16, 2003 02:09 PM .

Hee, you've made a study out of it! Thanx! :-)

You know, I have a strange feeling that this will bring in new comic-fans, as well. And, provided the script doesn't f* up, new Keanu-fans, too.
*They* don't know *us* yet -which might be a good thing ;-) but we might have a lot in common.
I always feel that Keanu-fans are a little different then for instance, Tom Cruise fans. Maybe it goes with the persona of mr.Reeves, he has an edge to him that attracts us in ways a 'clean' boy never could. He's just not your average Holywood superstar.
Constantine is also 'different', and nowhere near the 'clean' hero who beats up the bad guys and then gets the girl, flashing his perfect white smile and mumbling some marketed one-liner.
Once *they* look past the usual Holywood bla-bla, I think they'll see what *we* see in Keanu.
Now, if Holywood co-operates and doesn't go all 'dollar, dollars!!' & if you keep up the peace-talks, something beautiful might come out of it :-)
Constantine fans are a strange breed, and so are we ;-) We'll get along just fine :-)

Posted by: Julie on September 16, 2003 04:43 PM

Very well said, Julie :)

Posted by: krix on September 16, 2003 04:50 PM

I am so looking forward to this movie, precisely because the hero is not squeaky clean. But I am waiting to read the comics, because I don't want to get a preconceived idea of how John Constantine should look and act before I see the movie.

I'm counting on Keanu's exceptional acting skills to make me want to read more about it. :-)

Posted by: Candlelit on September 16, 2003 07:49 PM

Hi! Funk from the Straight to Hell boards here - just thought I'd let your readers know that the "Haunted" Trade PaperBack mentioned by Adrian Brown above is written by Warren Ellis, the same bloke whose mailing list you enjoy.

Posted by: Funk on September 17, 2003 01:02 PM

Gavin Rossdale's gonna rock hardcore as Balthazar.

Posted by: Erica on October 27, 2003 05:47 PM
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