January 19, 2002
Stuff from 'Tash

So, I'm going through the pile of stuff that 'Tash sent. I'll be keeping all the photos but most of the clippings are either going to get clipped further (for the pictures) or just tossed. I have enough chaos in my life without savng pages of magazines. By the way, she TOLD me I could toss what I didn't want, so don't think I'm an ingrate or anything. There are a couple of magazine articles that I'm reading before I make my final "cut" and I'm going to type up any really good quotes I find, and maybe make a page or something with them.
Anyway, I found this one from Movieline:

Two great 21st century mysteries wait to be solved:
How will the Chinese look in Mustang convertibles, and when will Keanu Reeves face the camera and smile?
Of course, if Reeves ever does, half of his sexual allure will go out the window. Harder to read than a doctor’s prescription, Reeves has bounced all that physical allure around for years like a heavy metal electron looking for a nucleus party to crash. It’s good to see an actor who cares more about taking chances than doing Vanity Fair covers. Even when he became a mute action hero in Speed (there were more sparks coming from the sideswiped cars than between him and Sandra Bullock), it didn’t slow down his grand evasion. Then came The Matrix and all the qualities in Reeves’ arsenal of inscrutability came together. And why not? The guy is a frigging load, a great big building of sexual empathy who could probably keep a woman out of the rain with just his big ol’ Fender bass-hugging hands –and still get her wet.

...Emphasis mine.....

Also in a little "What are you listening to?" blurb Keanu says:

Seconds Before the Accident
by Archers of Loaf
"It's new and good"

So, naturally.... I just ordered it... I'm such a lemming.

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