June 01, 2005

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doodles | from inside the mind of krix at June 01, 2005 11:47 AM .

Just what I needed today.
Thanks, Krix.

Posted by: Rhonda on June 1, 2005 12:24 PM


Posted by: Keanuette on June 1, 2005 12:38 PM

Mmmh! B&W, gorgeous!!
Have a great month, Krix!


Posted by: Niobe on June 1, 2005 01:42 PM

Love you! Miss you! Want you to post more... :)

Posted by: ARYA on June 1, 2005 02:34 PM

mmmmmmmmm, must print tomorrow!!!!!!!!!
babilicious as usual!

Posted by: tess on June 1, 2005 04:48 PM

Happy to see new entries! I come here everyday, I know you update whenever you can, Krix, but you've spoilt us a bit, and if you don't blog everyday, we get anxious...Anyway, I'm glad to see oul' Wee Neo on this side of the Ocean: Slovacchia is a beautiful country indeed. And people there are really nice too! Lucky Wee Neo...

Posted by: Breeze on June 2, 2005 05:37 AM

Truly the goddess of blog! Welcome back Krixy!

Posted by: lizzie on June 2, 2005 04:17 PM

Thanks krix! This is yummy as usual. *click click save print*

Posted by: Zen on June 7, 2005 08:55 AM
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